How to wake up without swelling

At each of us though time, but there was a problem of an edema of centuries or the person in the mornings. A good sleep in combination with the right diet will help get rid of the problem of edema. And here are some more tips:

1. If you want to wake up without swelling, then it is advisable to eat less salt, as salt detains fluid in the body and causes swelling.

2. Try not to drink before bedtime a lot of fluids. You can quench your thirst with tea and water, but drink in small sips.

3. Do not leave a lot of fat cream on the face for the night.

4. Instead of feather pillows use orthopedic sinteponovye: swelling can be caused by an allergy to feathers or fluff.

5. It is desirable to sleep on your back or put under the headboard of your bed from the head of the wooden blocks of wood 15 cm high - such an elevated position of the head will prevent the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues.

6. In the morning you need to do a light massage - with your fingertips gently tap on the eyelids. This procedure allows you to increase the outflow of fluid from the tissues around the eyes.

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