Bath from swelling

Pancake. wrote such a long post-kutto all slegelo.NE will be in details vdamatsya.vobschem girlfriend was suffering with edema did not help. The outside doctor (osteopath) said that her baby squeezed the ureters-that is why she can not pee normally and as a consequence of the ENT . So that first find out exactly why you have them and then already choose a means of dealing with them. But not in any way, do not limit yourself to liquid and salt. I here subtracted there many more interesting things written and new IMHO (well, as for it seemed to me)

34 weeks now
try to eat less salt, knee-elbow pose to improve the outflow of urine, diuretic collection. but the couple the last couple of days is not very helpful)

As for the salt, you were given a referencearticle on the site of the CTA, there is an opinion that salt does not need to be limited as typical gynecologists call. And I personally do not quite agree, I think the process is more individual. I at the very beginning of pregnancy somehow bit off the heart of red caviar at night, rose in the morning swam as a pig. The same was from the red fish. Then the body said phi! salt, especially in the 2nd trimester, even some bread seemed salty. Those. there is a can, but not salted everything. Also I drink grass for the night, homeopathy, cranberry / cranberry mussels from frozen berries, etc. As a result, by the 35th week I came without edema, or practically without it, fie-fie (on the ring on my finger, my face is perfectly normal, my legs, too). I drink quite a lot, about the same amount of liquid, every day 2-3 large cups of black / green tea (under the mood), milk and sour milk occasionally.

kanefron drank or saw? get rid of edemas finally only with childbirth, the rest is just ways to lighten them up a bit.

My assistants Kanefron + cranberry leaves, the doctor so recommended. Alone alone is not very effective. Well, if possible without salt.
It helps, of course not as much as you want.
I want to give birth soon :)

Complete exclusion of salt, including purchased store products (read composition) + one day off (for example, apple-curd).

I was helped by a combination of cowberry, cranberry and cranberry homemade, homemade, can be frozen, and plenty of clean water, i.e. all teas-coffee nafig. Well, follow the food

I did not do anything. After the birth, they left. )

Remove ALL salt from the diet to begin with. Straight reread the composition of ALL products and where there is salt - to remove. Absolutely. Even bread. And remove the salt shaker. The majority of edema in pregnant women is due to changes in the water-salt balance.
After that, continue to drink cranberry leaf and drink by thirst - in a mixture as much as you want.
And pass the urine to the analysis. If there is protein in the urine, if swelling does not go away within a couple of days - give up to the doctor.

Term 37-38 weeks, swollen slightly hands, but the weight increased - most likely the fluid accumulated in the tissues.
With the analysis, everything is in order.
A doctor from the LC prescribed euphiline and cowberry tea. But my doctor said that tuhikardia appears from the euphilia and the baby is very restless.
Substituted for kanefron 2 * 3 for 10 days + restriction in liquids and salt.
The arms did not swell after the first day of taking kanefron and the weight decreased by 1.5 kg

Well, the crust of all of the above. kanefron, cranberry-cowberry fruit (do not boil, n just suppress with sugar and pour boiling water), men rescued the following; Day to hold in a horizontal position, a mono-diet once a week. Choose a kooko some fruit and eat it all day. In summer, it was easier for me with fruits, I was amused with peaches and niutarins. And now apples will do. On the day of mono-diet in the evening, you can still eat vegetable saladiyu.