Herbs from cardiac edema

Heart failure is a weakeningthe ability of the myocardium to contract. The manifestation of the disease is expressed in the stagnation of blood in the systemic circulation in the lungs, shortness of breath, swelling, enlargement of the liver, ascites, cyanosis of visible mucous membranes and certain parts of the skin.

The objectives of phytotherapy is to remove swelling,heart failure, improving cardiac activity, relieving pain, relieving dyspnea, increasing the contractility of the heart. Since sleep in cardiac patients is often completely disturbed, medications of calming action must be prescribed in treatment.

For the treatment of heart failure, the following folk medicine recipes are useful:

· Young red cones of ordinary pine insist on vodka (1:10) 14 days. Assign. Take the month of 3 r. a day for 25 drops.

· 300 ml of boiling water, pour 2 tsp. mixture of seeds and herbs of fennel. Insist an hour, drain for cleaning through gauze. Drink 3 r. a day for 1/2 cup.

· 250 ml. boiling water boil a tablespoon (1 tbsp. l.) flowers of a rough cornflower, then insist them 2 hours. Take three times a day for 2 tablespoons. l. for 1/4 hours before meals. The course of treatment is 45 - 60 days. Repeat the treatment 3 - 4 r. in a year.

· 250 ml. water pour 1 gram of foxglove leaves. Insist. Use 4 r. For treatment of heart failure. a day for 1 tbsp. l.

· 500 ml. boiling water brew 3 tbsp. l. herbs of perforated St. John's wort, insist and then filter. Take 1 tbsp. l. 2 r. in a day.

· 250 ml. water pour 1 tsp. parsley seeds. Insist 8 hours. Take 4 p. a day for 1/4 cup. The drug helps with edema caused by heart failure, because is a diuretic.

· Mix (5: 3:2) the flowers of hawthorn, the grass of the mountaineer of the bird, the grass of the horsetail of the field. 250 ml. boiling water pour 2 tsp. of a melted herbal mixture, infuse for an hour, filter. Drink in small sips throughout the day.

· Mix (6: 4: 3:3) lawn grass, hawthorn flowers, hops inflorescence and shandra grass. A glass of boiling water pour 2 tsp. a melted herbal mixture, insist an hour, set. Take a small sip throughout the day.

· Mix (5: 4:1) yarrow herb, St. John's wort inflorescence, arnica inflorescence. 1/4 liter. cold water, pour 1 tbsp. l. collecting, insist it for 3 hours then cook for 5 minutes. soak 1/4 o'clock and drain for cleaning through gauze. Drink during the day in small sips.

· 100 g. melted root lovist insist in 300 grams of 60% alcohol 2 weeks. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 3 r. the day before meals. Tincture stimulates the heart activity, acts as a diuretic, invigorates, tones.

· Periodically chew the lemon rind, it will improve the heart.

· Pour a glass of boiling water 7 - 9 grams of herbsrenal tea, heat in a water bath, cool, set, squeeze out the thicket and bring the volume to 250 ml. Drink the broth warm in 1/3 cup 3 r. a day with edema that have arisen on the basis of cardiovascular insufficiency as a diuretic.

· With a weak heart, and its fading effectivePeppermint serves as a reinforcing agent. A glass of boiling water pour 1 tsp. dry mint leaves, wrap and insist 1/3 h. Then filter. Drink broth for treatment every day for 40 minutes. before breakfast in small sips for 1-2 years. Do not miss taking the drug for a day!

· Pour a glass of water 15 grams of dry herb yarrow, after which 15 boil, and then insist an hour. Take infusion of 1 tbsp. l. 3 r. in a day.

· 300 ml of water, pour 30 grams of dry bean pods and boil 1/4 h. Infuse broth 3/4 h. And drink 3 r. a day for 35 ml before meals.

· Pour 2 teaspoons of boiling water. dry herbs are three-leaved, insist 1/3 h. Drink 2 - 3 r. 50 ml for 1/3 hours before meals.

· With a glass of water, pour 20 grams of dried leaves and fruits of wild strawberry. Boil for 10 minutes. infuse 2 hours. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3 r. in a day.

· 250 ml. water pour 1 tbsp. l. dry leaves and tartar prickly flowers, boil 1/4 h. Take up to 4 p. per day of 100 ml.

· 250 ml. boiling water pour 20 grams of dry grass violet tricolor, infuse 2 hours, take 2 p. per day of 100 ml.

· Cardamon, long used by the Indianmedicine, as an additive to vegetables and tea, well stimulates the appetite, improves breathing, stimulates the work of the heart, removes gases and quenches pain. Use in small amounts.

· To remove various swelling on the face and legsWash the greens and roots of parsley and twist through the meat grinder. In glassware, put a glass of the resulting mass, brew 1/2 liter of steep boiling water and insist in the heat for 9 hours. Drain the infusion for cleaning through cheesecloth, squeeze out the greens. Squeeze out 1 lemon juice and add to the infusion of parsley. Drink 1/3 cup first 2 days, take a break for 3 days and again consume another 2 days.

In the morning and evening rub your feet with garlicmixture for the removal of swelling of the legs. To make a mixture of 2 cups of water, pour 1 tbsp. l. garlic, turned into gruel and 5 minutes. cook. Then cool, set and rub your feet.

· To reduce shortness of breath caused by cardiacinsufficiency of a glass of boiling water pour 2 tsp. small birch leaves, let it brew for 30 minutes. then filter, add baking soda at the tip of the knife. This dose of drink 3 - 4 p. per day every 3 to 4 hours.

· To improve cardiovascular activity200 ml boiling water brew 1 tsp. Valerian root medicinal, insist in a sealed container for 2 hours and filter. Use 1 tbsp. l. 3 - 4 p. in a day.

· To prepare a painkiller and soothing with a glass of boiling water, brew 1 tbsp. l. leaves peppermint and persist for 2 hours. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3 - 4 p. in a day.

· With a liter of hot water, pour a glass of bilberry berries,boil for 10 minutes. drain for cleaning through gauze, add 3 tbsp. l. honey. Drink broth 3-4 r. a day for 1/2 cup. It improves the condition with hypertension and heart diseases.

· For the manufacture of infusions in 250 ml of boiling watermix 1 tbsp. l. berries of Kalyna vulgaris and 1 tbsp. l. honey. Insist 60 minutes. Drink the infusion before eating 2 - 3 r. a day for 1/2 cup. During the year, drink the infusion of 3 - 4 courses. The course of treatment is a month.

· With a glass of boiling water, brew 1 tsp. flowers of the lily of the valley May, let it brew for 30 minutes. Use an infusion of 1 tbsp. l. 2 - 3 r. in a day. This recipe is suitable for the treatment of cardiosclerosis, acute and chronic heart failure and to enhance heart contractions.

· 1/4 l. hot water pour 4 tbsp. l. grass leaves motherwort (flowering tops of plants with a thickness of not more than 4 mm, length up to 0.40 m), close the lid and 1/4 h. heat on a water bath, stirring frequently, then cool 3/4 h. filter, wring out raw materials. Bring the infusion to the volume of the glass. Drink 1/3 cup 2 r. per day one hour before meals. Keep the infusion in a cool place for no longer than 2 days.

· Mix (1: 3: 2:4) flowers of blood-red hawthorn, leaves of peppermint, fennel fruits, rhizome with roots of valerian, and then 1 tbsp. l. mix the mixture with a glass of boiling water in a thermos, soak the night and filter. Drink this infusion for the treatment of heart failure throughout the day for 3 - 5 receptions.

· Mix (1: 2: 1:1) the roots of valerian officinalis, anise fruits, yarrow herbs, lemon balm leaves and 1 tbsp. l. of the mixture brew 200 ml. boiling water, insist 1/2 hour, then filter. Take throughout the day for 2 - 3 admission for pain in the heart, heart weakness, palpitations.

· With a glass of boiled cold water, pour 2 tsp. grass shandra vulgaris, let it brew for 4 hours and filter. Drink to regulate cardiac activity by 1/3 cup 3 r. the day before meals.

· A glass of boiling water brew 10 grams of drya tiny herb of green spring, then insist an hour. Use for heart failure 3 - 5 r. a day for 1 tbsp. l. Give the children a half dose.

Those people who suffer from heart disease,should eat moderately, choose natural food, especially raw or boiled vegetables, fresh fruit, do not drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol, spices, chocolate.

Treatment of heart failure with herbs eachThe day should be supplemented with the use of raisins, nuts, and cheese. These products tone up the nervous system, strengthen the heart muscle, relieve headaches and fatigue. Consume for 20 times cheese, 20 grams of raisins, 30 grams of walnut kernels.

With any incorrect work of the heart,millet porridge, which is rich in potassium. Eat in the course of the day as much porridge as possible if you weld a third of a glass of washed calcined millet, which you need to fill 2/3 cup of water. Cook the porridge on a quiet fire. In it you can add salt and sugar to taste.

Eat on an empty stomach a sandwich, cooked from one large tiny slice of garlic, laid on slightly salted black bread.

In summer, consume more watermelons. Their flesh is an excellent diuretic for swelling associated with kidney disease and diseases of the cardiovascular system. A similar effect has a decoction prepared from fresh crust of watermelon.

In spring, these funds will supplement fresh cucumbers. With all diseases of the cardiovascular system, in addition to organic defects, floral honey, which gives strength to the heart, is very useful. Consume it in small portions (1 hour or 1 tablespoon 2 - 3 rubles a day) with cottage cheese, broth of wild rose berries, milk, fruits. With hot tea, it is not worth it, so as not to cause increased sweating.