Mummy from swelling

Mumiyo It is applied practically any disease as lotions, compresses, poultices, washing, also taking inside.

One-time intake of the mummy should not exceed a dose of 1 gram unless special, special treatment is prescribed.

In the mummy there is sand and small otherscomponents that are easily eliminated by dissolution in water. However, a quality product in nature dissolves practically without sediment, possibly with slight turbidity.

If you want to cleanse your body by improving blood composition, you need take mummies in the morning on an empty stomach (before meals for 2 hours) and 4 hours after dinner: 10 days for 0.1 g, the next 10 days for 0.2 g, etc., up to 0.5 g.

Some folk healers recommend drinkingmummy with milk, which is quite possible, but, it seems productive, it is better to wash the mummy with purified water, (proven sources, mineral still water, frozen water, magnetized water, etc.). Cleansing of the kidneys, bladder. Dissolve 10 g of mummy in 1 liter of good water. Take 1 tablespoon solution 3-4 times a day before meals for 1 hour.

Application of mummies for skin diseases.

Wipe, wash off problem places with a solution of 5g mumiye for 1 liter of boiled water. Well, if this composition will be added infusion of pink petals (1 glass of dried petals crush and insist in boiled water in a dark place for 2 weeks). The total solution does not exceed a liter.

This solution can be used in pustular formations on the skin as a mask (on linen cloth, 15 minutes), like compresses at night (other parts of the body).

Activation of the metabolism. Dissolve 4 g of mummy in 15 tablespoons of water. Take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day - on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the evening. Wash down with good water or milk. At night it is better not to drink (if you get up).

Mummy and severe diseases

There is a completely wrong opinion that the mummycan not be used for cancer. Allegedly, the mummy, as the strongest natural stimulant, which causes the body cells to regenerate intensively, that is, to recover, positively (!) Affects cancer cells, activating their growth.

This is the wrong opinion of people incompetent, notwho have no idea about the disease, nor about the functioning of cells, nor about treatment. Mummy has been used since ancient times to treat both cancerous and other serious diseases.

Mummy can be bred only in warm water, and notin hot, which significantly reduces its useful properties. A good mummy (not chemically, which is obtained by exposure to high temperatures!) Is perfectly soluble in water at room temperature.

Pharmacy mummy does not have - regenerativeabilities and use it completely useless in almost any disease. To take advantage of this strongest medicinal natural remedy, you need to find other ways of acquiring it.