Swelling of joints

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Many know that the alcohol tincture of cedarshell is useful in the treatment of diseases such as articular rheumatism, gout, impaired salt metabolism in the body, etc. Not so long ago I learned that it is equally useful to take regular so-called nut milk. I do not really like alcoholic tinctures, I use them only in the most extreme case, so I decided to try to cook cedar milk every day.

I not only had joints often, but edemas appeared, although I am still an old man, and there are not even 50 years.
Half a glass of peeled pine nuts I firstchopped in a mortar, then shifted into a glass jar, I pour a half cup of warm boiled water and leave to infuse for two hours. I drink during the day along with the sediment.
Apply this tool quite often: 6-8 times a year for courses of 3 weeks. Swelling disappear just because normalizes salt metabolism, that is, unnecessary salts from the body are derived, it affects the status of all the joints, they are cleaned of sediment, and all together is reflected in the appearance - face tightened, the skin becomes elastic.

Raisa Nikolaevna Tikhomirova,
Novosibirsk city