Coldness of edema

In fact, "Lyoton" is a gel for swellingfeet. But here I found a mask made on the basis of this gel, which cosmetologists recommend not at all for legs, but for the face. It's quite simple and they say oh-oh-very effective.

Mask from edemas "Lyoton"

Lyoton is stored in the refrigerator - cold tooworks against edema. We take the gel from the refrigerator and mix it in a 1: 1 ratio with any moisturizer. Everything, the mask is ready! Keep on the face (do not forget the whole area around the eyes and neck) 15 minutes, wash off with warm water and rub it with a cube ice .

The mask is effective and simple - in this I do notI doubt it. But I doubt that it is worth doing often - as if our face is not accustomed to the drug and would no longer like to "work". It is better to use this mask as an express, when it is necessary urgently and necessarily to flash with its beauty.

At one time, I regularly attended classes onhand-to-hand combat. That is not specific martial art, namely street self-defense with all that follows: an attack of the eyes, throat, twisting of soft tissues - in general, after a couple of weeks of such workings on the body appears a large number of bruises. After the coach advised me to use Lyoton, I felt the effect the very next day, when some of the bruises disappeared as if by magic. This remedy is also helped by hematomas, which are also the constant companions of all those engaged in contact martial arts. As for the method of application, I personally applied it to the damaged area as often as I could, or rather, as soon as I remembered it.