Means from edema of bruises

Bruising, of course, is one of the most common types of injuries. Differing in severity and place, it is always accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as swelling and swelling.

But it's not necessary to wait until they pass by themselves. You can take a series of simple measures that will help reduce swelling in the place of impact.

First aid with bruises.

The first symptoms after a stroke cause a rupturesmall blood vessels, the blood from which seeps into soft tissues and accumulates in them. To significantly alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling at the site of the injury helps the cold compress. It reduces the amount of blood entering the injured zone and prevents the development of severe edema.

Optimal application to the affected part of the bodyice wrapped in a rag or bag, or a cold water bottle. If there is no such possibility - you can moisten a small towel or scarf in ice water, but in this case the compress will often have to be cooled.

If the joint is injured, the arm or leg well helpsreduce the swelling of the iodine mesh applied directly to the site of the impact. And in the case of a significant injury with a pronounced hematoma, doctors recommend using as a lotion a mixture of iodine, apple cider vinegar and salt, diluted in water. The resulting composition is impregnated with a compress applied to the affected area.

From medicamental methods of first aid it is possible to allocate preparations, the active ingredient in which are natural oils and herbs: Bodyaga, Traumeel, Troxevasin, etc.

People's physicians are advised to useimpregnations for lotions herbal infusions of plantain, yarrow, St. John's wort, wormwood bitter or ordinary heather. You can choose any plant from the ones available in the home medicine chest, or use several immediately.

For the preparation of impregnation a couple of tablespoonsof the crushed dry collection is steamed in 200-220 g of boiling water, kept for two hours and cooled. Important: these methods will be less effective if used after a time after injury.

Treatment of contusion of different zones.

We get bruises and abrasions on a daily basis, but their treatment can vary considerably depending on the location of the injury.

Most often suffer from knees, especially in humans,leading an active lifestyle and regularly engaged in sports. In this case, standard cooling as an emergency should be accompanied by immobilization of the victim. If you are indoors - try to lie down and put a high pillow under your thigh.

Arriving on the street, after a knee hitsit on a bench or parapet and raise your leg so that the lower leg is higher than the thigh level. Of the drugs after a knee joint injury, doctors recommend using the Collagen Ultra cream. It has a chondroprotective property, reduces swelling and accelerates the restoration of damaged parts of the joint.

Injury of the lower leg in areas where the muscles are maximallyadhere to bone tissue, is considered one of the most dangerous. In the periosteum of this region, as in the elbow joint, there are special pain receptors, so a strong blow in addition to the edema can cause painful shock.

In addition, the swelling of this part of the leg is differentthe increase in symptoms: over time, a slight swelling, to which you have not paid due attention, turns into a serious problem. Remove the swelling will help apply a special cream after a cold compress.

You can choose a medicine or makeointment yourself. With bruises of the periosteum of the elbow and lower leg, the juice or freshly squeezed aloe vera leaves in combination with honey, which allows the active substances to penetrate quickly and deeply into the tissues, removing puffiness, has an optimal effect on the tumor.

The peculiarity of a foot injury in frequent fractures of smallthe bones accompanying it. To rule out their likelihood, after the impact, you should carefully palpate the affected area. The presence of sharp pain at one particular point is a good reason to do an x-ray to prevent complications. To remove the swelling of the feet, cooling dressings will help in the first and warming for the second or fifth day, as well as the use of anesthetic ointments and the immobilization of small joints.

Reduce the swelling on the finger, if the blow cameon it, will allow a prolonged massage with an ice cube immediately after the injury and a complete lack of exercise for the next few days. A bruised hand is much easier to treat, but if the leg is hurt - it is better to give up walking and tight closed shoes for a while.

Special attention should be paid to people with diabetes. They should not resort to cooling the affected area, and to remove swelling will help special therapeutic ointments.

With a bruise of a light-shaped brush, avoid a tumorwill help the simplest medicines that are sold without a prescription, and folk remedies: acetic compresses, bandage with pound beans (for 2-5 days), a cabbage leaf attached to the hand, which has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

If after 40-60 minutes of applying cold to the injured place of the wrist the pain does not abate - a dislocation or fracture is possible and it is definitely worth visiting a doctor.

The most acute problem is the elimination of edemawith a face injury. The fastest way to get rid of the swelling and bruising in the nose or eye area will be the application of Traumeel and Troxevasin ointments alternately in 2-3 hours intervals. For lovely ladies, there are also a number of gels that have a tonic enzyme (for example, Sinyakoff). They not only struggle with the unpleasant consequences of the strike, but also allow for a time to make them less visible.

When choosing a method for treating edema, remember: contusion of any part of the face can be accompanied by inconspicuous visually, but very severe consequences, such as concussions of varying severity or internal bleeding.

Significantly reduce the time needed to rehabilitate the affected zone, you can with the help of special drugs.

  1. If the injury was severe, an anti-inflammatory non-steroid drug may be required. Optimal representatives of this category of drugs consider Diclofenac, Analgin and Ketanov.
  2. It is worth using ointments and creams with a pronounced recovery function: Fastum gel, Traumeel, Lyoton and a number of others.
  3. The affected area needs rest. To do this, you must impose a fixative bandage, especially if you injured the joints of the foot, and temporarily minimize physical exertion.

Folk remedies for bruises and swelling.

Among the abundance of recipes of folk medicine, promising rapid healing from swelling after a stroke, the most popular can be called:

  • Tea welding. After steaming it should be a little squeeze and chill, wrapped in a gauze compress and apply to the affected area.
  • Onion juice. It helps not only reduce swelling, but also reduce pain from bruising.
  • Cottage cheese. From it form a compress, laying on a dense fabric, and sent to the freezer for 5-7 minutes. Then apply to the bruise. Cottage cheese perfectly keeps the cold for a long time, and lactic acid components lighten the skin, eliminating the bruise, and relieve swelling.
  • Dressings from frayed plants. More often, plantain and the roots of wild garlic are used, which are ground and applied to the area of ​​injury, leaving for a long time.

And finally: the maximum duration of swelling of the place of injury is 3 weeks. If after this time the tumor continues to bother you - be sure to visit the trauma specialist!