Cellulitis from edema

Edema occur quite often, especially inwomen. They are the cause of the development of cellulite and one of the possible symptoms of certain diseases. It is not necessary to write off swelling from the accounts, perceiving them only as a cosmetic problem that arises if you drink a lot of water. Not always edema is so harmless, as many would like to think. There are many reasons for the appearance of swelling from the most innocuous, such as heat, fatigue, pregnancy, the habit of sitting on foot, to quite disturbing: poor circulation of the lymphoma, flat feet, kidney disease, varicose veins and even heart failure.

If the serious diseases of cosmetics are unlikely to cope, then ease their symptoms, and even get rid of edema in general, if their cause is, for example,stagnation of lymph is quite possible. This problem is best handled by Italian cosmetics Guam, one of the main directions of which is the fight against cellulite. As you know, the reason for the appearance of cellulite is the accumulation of excess fluid in the layers of adipose tissue of the problem areas of the body, as well as the complicated circulation of lymph. Obviously, shortly the same can be called edema of varying severity. The fight against edema is therefore one of the important ways of preventing and eliminating cellulite.

Creams, masks and anti-cellulite wraps Guam improve blood microcirculation, disperse lymph,they help to remove excess fluid from the body, remove toxins and toxins, revitalize and rejuvenate the entire body. Extracts of algae and drainage phytocomplex accelerate the microcirculation of fluid in tissues and activate metabolic processes, harmonize the water-salt balance, improve the cell surface, remove toxins, toxins and excess fluid, enrich the skin with necessary minerals, and slow down the accumulation of excess fatty deposits. The excellent drainage effect of anti-edema products helps prevent the appearance and development of cellulite, adjust the contours of the body, make the skin supple, smooth and velvety. Your body becomes taut and healthy again.

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