Milk from swelling

My favorite shoes became tight, I can not take offthe ring from the finger is a sign of swelling. If they appear every day, then measures need to be applied. Often edema of pregnant women indicate serious problems in the work of the body.

Signs of swelling in pregnancy

  1. Use your finger to press down on your ankle. If the pitting is formed on the site of the depression, and the skin does not align - this indicates the presence of pregnant edema.
  2. If the pregnant woman is gaining weight in a week more than 300 g.
  3. The ankle volume of a pregnant woman, with regular measurement, increases by 1 centimeter.

Many women are mistaken, thinking that if you limit the intake of fluid, then there will be no edema. However, the causes of edema are different.

Every pregnant woman feels a craving for salty foods,I want to eat a piece of herring, marinated cucumbers and salted cabbage. But it is these addictions that can be the cause of edema. It has long been proven that salt can detain water in the body.

The weather is another reason for edema. The higher the temperature on the street, the greater the likelihood of edema in a pregnant woman.

Tight clothes disturb blood circulation, which contributes to the development of edema. During pregnancy, you must wear loose clothing.

The cause of edema can be serious problems inthe work of the kidneys of a pregnant woman, when there is protein in the urine. In such a situation, changing the diet and style of clothing is indispensable, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

If the edema is accompanied by high blood pressure, then this complication of pregnancy is gestosis.

When only the legs suffer from swelling, to a woman who does notit is especially worrisome, because this is a natural process in pregnancy, the last three months there are edemas in 75% of pregnant women. Edema appears at the end of the day, and by morning they disappear. In this situation it is enough to change your diet. But if a woman notices that swelling lasts for a long time, there is swelling on the fingers, face, then this is already a bad sign. It is necessary to inform the doctor about this immediately.

In addition to visible edema, there are swellings that are hidden. They are detected, due to regular weighing, urinalysis, checking the blood pressure of the pregnant woman.

If swelling is not treated, then they will become even more and this can threaten the fetus.

How to deal with swelling during pregnancy

  1. The pregnant woman should change her diet in favor of boiled, baked and stewed dishes.
  2. It is necessary to abandon: smoked, fried, pickled, spicy dishes, nuts, salty cheeses, tomatoes and juice from them. Limit the use of salt. The norm is 8 g per day.
  3. Do not limit yourself in the desire to drink. New research indicates that a pregnant woman needs to drink at least one and a half liters of liquid per day (not including eaten fruits, soups, etc.)
  4. Regularly make foot baths with cool water, for 20 minutes. After such a procedure, lie with your legs high. Good for swelling, drunk at night, hot milk.
  5. Herbal preparations help a lot with swelling. But, before using them, you need to consult a doctor.
  6. Do not take diuretic drugs. They are more harmed than good, because they have a large list of side effects.
  7. Very effective funds made specifically for pregnant women - creams and gels from swelling.
  8. Will help with swelling: a decoction of dried apricots, cowberry compote, water with lemon, cranberry juice, green tea, broth of wild rose. Carbonated drinks should not be drunk.

Recipe for making cranberry mors from frozen berries

From 500 g of frozen cranberries squeeze out the juice. Add two liters of water to the berries. Put on the fire, from the moment of boiling to keep on the fire for 10 minutes.

Drink from edema of apple peel

Pour two tablespoons of the dried peel of apples with two cups of boiling water. The drink should be infused for 10 minutes. The diuretic drink is ready! Drink half the glass several times a day.