Sinusitis in the stage of edema

As a rule, people are perplexed about sinusitisearly stage and in this case it is necessary to heat it, but only with infrared rays. At home, do as follows, sit down near the stove at an open fire to see the hot coals, the face should feel a light heat. 15-20 minutes per day will be enough.

In no case!

In the acute stage - NO! If this is a question about physiotherapy

I had, I cooked an egg, wrapped it in a handkerchief and warmed it. It helped! =))

To me ENT spoke, that at a genyantritis in whatYou can not do any heating procedures. Only tablets and if you are prescribed physiotherapy. But first you need to take a picture to make sure the maxillary sinusitis is or not.

I had sinusitis for years. Swimming was practiced in the outdoor pool. Washed but sea salt or iodized salt. With 86g there is nothing. Runny nose if it happens that I kill in the bud with a stamping, i.e. physiotherapy, in general the apparatus of Geska Universal

Do warming with genyantritis can not be faralways. If you have swelling at an early stage of the disease, heat will only provoke vasodilation, leading to increased swelling. In the case when exudate accumulated in sinus in the sinus (fluid formed at the site of inflammation), heat exposure can cause its spread to the orbit and the brain. To use such procedures it is possible only on the recommendation of the doctor, when the nature of the inflammatory process is clarified, that is, the doctor was convinced that you do not have swelling, fluid in the nasal sinuses.