Consequences after an edema of a quincke

Consequences of edema on the face

The syndrome of angioedema refers to allergicreactions and affects various areas of the skin. A characteristic sign of this pathology is a pronounced edema, and its localization is extensive. During swelling there is a tension of elastic tissues. If you touch it with your finger, then no depressions are formed, but it feels absolutely painless on sensations.

In the absence of qualified and most importantly- timely care, the effects of swelling on the face can be very serious. For example, edema can spread to the brain area, disrupting its basic functions.

Consequences of Quincke's Edema:

- respiratory insufficiency. It develops because of the laryngeal edema. The voice becomes hoarse. The feeling of squeezing the throat, which makes it difficult to breathe;

- edema of internal organs. Characterized by a sharp, sudden pain in the abdomen;

- Acute inflammatory process of the abdominal cavity. Occurs after the flow of the gastrointestinal tract;

- complications of the genitourinary system. Perhaps the emergence of cystitis and associated inflammation;

- Meningitis. Occurs because of the transition of the edema into the membranes of the brain. First, swelling affects the face, and then progresses deeper.

The symptomatology of such a complex pathology is similar to the manifestation of Menier's syndrome, namely, the head begins to spin, it makes you sick. Vomiting is also observed.

To protect yourself from such a terrible ailment,as a Quincke edema it is necessary to observe a strict diet, exclude from the environment likely allergens. Take antihistamines for the purpose of prophylaxis during the flowering period of plants or in contact with other allergens.