The mechanism of edema quinta

Suddenly, without any precursors in manappears and begins to increase literally before our eyes a dense swelling on the lip, the eyelid, the back of the hand. Skin color does not change, pits do not remain with pressure. Usually after a few hours the swelling stops, and the swelling lasts for several hours or even days, the feeling of bursting, occasional itching and dull pain disturbs. Then everything disappears without a trace. This ailment was first described at the end of the century before last and was called angioedema .

Often swelling reaches a significant size,dramatically changing the appearance. The face becomes puffy like a mask, the lip, cheek, or almost completely swells the eye. There is also a one-sided poplar eyelid, eyeball movements are difficult, eyesight deteriorates. Soon these phenomena also pass without a trace. And if everything was limited to such temporary cosmetic troubles, then Quincke's edema might well be called a harmless disease. However, it can occur on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and the respiratory tract. And this is dangerous. First there is hoarseness, shortness of breath. Soon it becomes superficial, the person embraces anxiety, anxiety, the person acquires a cyanotic shade. Urgent care is required to prevent breathing stops.

When the swelling of Quincke spreads through the mucosathe esophagus and gastrointestinal tract, swallowing, pain in the pit of the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, the condition resembles a picture of acute poisoning. No less dangerous is the swelling of the meninges. It is characterized by a sharp bursting headache, dizziness and other symptoms of brain damage. Sometimes, this temporarily disrupts the work of the kidneys, reduces urination. In 80 percent of patients, Quincke's edema develops after taking medication. Spoiled by modern civilization, we fell in love with tablets, because they can always be carried and accepted in any conditions. I got a headache - please, here's an anesthetic pill, insomnia - drink a sleeping pill, your nerves "shake" - and the hand usually stretches behind a soothing pill. And rarely anyone thinks about the possibility of a side effect of the pill. It is hardly worth listing drugs that can cause Quincke's edema. And the simplest and most complex medicine can not be taken uncontrollably, without the advice of a doctor.

The cause may be food. True, purely nutritional (edible) edema Quincke occurs somewhat less frequently than the medicinal edema. And intolerance of food products in these patients, as a rule, arises against a background of chronic diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. gallbladder, liver.

Quite often Quincke's edema is caused by cosmeticmeans: varnishes, paints, mascara. The culprit of Quincke's swelling is also the pollen of flowering plants, home and industrial dust, washing powders, an insect bite. All these causes, with repeated exposure to the body, can trigger an allergic reaction of an immediate type that unfolds in the deep layers of the skin, in the underfat cellulose and mucous membranes. In this case, a large amount of a special biologically active substance, histamine, appears in the tissues. It expands the vessels and promotes fluid retention in the tissues. This is the mechanism of the development of Quincke's edema.

However, an increase in histamine content in tissuescan occur not only due to an allergic reaction. There is a group of substances that directly release histamine from the bonds with proteins, transform it into an active state. So, in particular, alcohol acts. That's why the number of patients with Quinck's swelling always increases during the holidays. Abundant food, the reception of alcoholic beverages provoke the disease.

Quincke's edema may simply be an episode thatwill never happen again, or, conversely, is repeated often. Therefore, it is not necessary to hope that everything itself will pass. When this happens for the first time, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Since most often the swelling of Quincke is allergic in nature, it is necessary to consult allergists. The doctor will understand the nature of the edema, try to find out its cause and prescribe the treatment. In the arsenal of modern drugs - and antihistamines that have anti-allergic activity, and diuretics, through which excess fluid is removed from the body, and other medicines.

In severe cases with edema of the larynx or brainpatients are urgently hospitalized. To protect yourself against the recurrence of the disease, you need to exercise caution. The first - no medicine without the advice of a doctor, refrain from drinking alcohol. If a painful reaction is caused by washing powders, discard them. We must timely treat sick teeth, diseases of the paranasal sinuses or gallbladder, stomach, as Quincke's edema often develops on the background of chronic infections.