How to get rid of the edema of the upper eyelid

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Unfortunately, the frame of our "mirrors" at times leaves much to be desired, and swelling and bags under the eyes characterize us from the side as inclined to excesses and abuses of personalities ...

Want to restore your eyes freshness, youth andfind an unsinkable reputation image? Platinental, the clinic of laser cosmetology and plastic surgery of Iskornev, presents a whole arsenal of procedures, how to get rid of bags under the eyes, up to the surgical plasticity of eyelids, and our medical boutique offers funds from bags under the eyes of leading cosmetic companies.

If the cause of swollen eyes is edema. it is possible to remove bags under the eyes without surgery, using home compresses, specialized drugs and procedures. Helps from edematous hernia of the century Mesotherapy, drainage face massage. professional eye masks. a variety of plasters and creams from bags under the eyes, which will make wrinkles. and bags under the eyes are almost invisible.

And one of the most effective means, asget rid of bags under the eyes, is a full healthy sleep on a low pillow or with a roller under the neck. No less important tips from bags under the eyes - is to avoid stressful situations and a balanced diet with a minimum of alcohol, acute and saline, which cause fluid retention.

If there are dark circles under the eyes. on observations of cosmetologists, formationfull hernias of the eyelids - just around the corner. As for the hernial sacs under the eyes (as a rule, they are associated with adipose warts on the skin and yellow or brown circles under the eyes, deposits of cholesterol on the eyelids), then folk remedies for bags under the eyes are powerless in this case. The only truly effective prescription for bags under the eyes in the case of a hernia is blepharoplasty.

Causes of bags under the eyes and hernia of the eyelids

Why are bags under the eyes? Each person's eyeballs are covered with a fat tissue for safety reasons - it is located in the form of tiny balls under the eyes. Normally, they are almost invisible, but with a combination of circumstances, they can turn into hard, ugly eye hernias.

The causes of the appearance of hernias under the eyes can be many. Unhealthy Lifestyle: stress and overwork, alcohol and smoking, excessiveconsumption of salt, lack of sleep, excess ultraviolet and, of course, age: over time, the tone of the facial muscles of the face decreases, and the skin of the eyelids, very thin, becomes less elastic and begins to hang. All these factors lead to the fact that subcutaneous fat irreversibly "Swims", and at the stage of the formed hernia of the upper or lower eyelid, the only effective is the surgical plastic of the bags under the eyes.

Hernial bags under the eyes can be caused by the use of poor-quality cosmetics or simply cosmetics. not intended for the skin around the eyes. In this case, do not be puzzled why the bags under the eyes and where they came from with the "right" daily care. Caring for the skin around the eyes. very delicate and delicate, requiresspecialized means. Therefore, when bruises and bags appear under the eyes, as well as yellow or brown circles around the eyes, it is necessary first of all to turn to specialist. who will find the real cause of the pathology and will suggest ways to eliminate it.

Another answer to the question of why bags appearedunder the eyes, these are congenital anatomical features of the structure of the eye. This is the most common cause of the appearance of hernias under the eyes. However, in this case, circles and bags under the eyes usually appear early enough - by 20-25 years.

There is also a correlation of various typesthe constitution of man and the form of his age. For example, puffiness and bags under the eyes are more often formed in people of dense physique, but overhanging heavy upper eyelids and bags over the eyes - on the contrary, in lean people.

The reason why sacks grow under the eyes, canbe and diseases of internal organs, and bags under the eyes in the morning speak of a lack of outflow of venous blood and microcirculation of the lymph during sleep, when the eyelids are still. Sometimes the eyes can swell with a heavy drink at night or an excess of salt in the diet.

For quite a long time people who have obvioussigns of hernia of the lower eyelid, take them for swelling caused by excess fluid in the body. But as a rule, to reveal what exactly is expressed in a particular person - swelling under the eyes or a hernia, quite easily. Edema by the middle of the day often comes off himself, in extreme cases, remove such swelling and bags under the eyes with the help of cosmetic face massage. folk remedies and professional cosmetics is not difficult. If "on the face" of a hernia, the answer to the question of how to clean bags under the eyes is the only one - laser blepharoplasty.

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How to eliminate bags under the eyes

On the question of how to deal with bags under the eyes of you, the specialist should answer.

If during the medical consultation the doctor comes to the conclusion that you really have signs of a hernia of the lower eyelid, then the treatment of bags under the eyes is possible, we will repeat, only operative way. And in some cases, the removal of bags under the eyes is impossible without another plastic surgery: for example, skin tightening forehead or eyebrows, if form changed because of their omission. And of course, if during the medical examination it becomes clear that the cause of the bags under the eyes is covered in the disease, then, first of all, the basic disease is needed, and this will allow to quickly reduce the bags under the eyes.

Operation, as the most effective remedy forbags under the eyes, enjoys incredible popularity in our time because of its speed and safety. Eliminating bags under the eyes attracts not only women, but also men. Unsurpassed dignity of blepharoplasty is that in one procedure it is possible to remove not only the hernias, but also wrinkles around the eyes (so called "crow's feet »), Change incision. to tighten the eyelids, to carry out laser shlifkovku, to adjust eye shape etc.

There are two main operational methods, how to cure bags under the eyes:

1. Traditional suture surgery as a remedy forbags and circles under the eyes is carried through the cut along the edge of the lower eyelid. After three days the doctor removes the stitches, and after a month the scar is no longer visible. Usually this method of removal of hernias under the eyes is used in not very young patients, when the skin with age lost its elasticity.

2. If the hernia of the upper or lower eyelid ishereditary and manifests itself at an early age, then the method of seamless transconjunctival blepharoplasty is applied, in which removal of the eye hernia is carried out through the conjunctiva. This is the way to quickly remove bags under the eyes: as a rule, after one or two weeks, there are no traces of medical intervention.

In both cases, plastic bags under the eyes andremoval of the hernia of the lower eyelids is an operation that plastic surgeons Platinum is masterly performed to the highest quality standards under local anesthesia with the use of modern laser technology, lasts about 20 minutes and almost never gives complications. The operation from bags on the eyelids is successfully combined with laser grinding of the skin of the eyes, smoothing it, rejuvenating and making it much more elastic.

In our clinic there is also a full arsenal of procedures for rapid rehabilitation after blaafaroplasty, including eye creams from the world's leading manufacturers for maintenance care.

Swelling and bags under the eyes should not do your look tired and interfere with enjoying youth, beauty, deserved success.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes. Top-5 procedures from Andrei Ikornev.

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