Hormone from swelling

With foot edema treatment has two directions: elimination of the underlying cause of edema and the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. To achieve the second goal, take pills from leg edema that have varying degrees of action and are prescribed by the doctor individually.

Self-administration of diuretics can lead to dehydration and aggravation of the disease.

Medication diuretics have differentmechanism of action and the "speed" of manifestation. Diuretics with a fast and short period of action have a side effect - an increased yield of potassium. They are used together with potassium-sparing medications to prevent heart disease.

Long-term use of certain diuretics causes increased production of hormones angiotesin II, noradrenaline and aldosterone, which promote myocardial hypertrophy.

This feature must be remembered when prescribing a medication for the removal of leg edema.

The active substance of this drug is torasemide, which is considered the optimal diuretic in the ratio of efficacy and side effects. Trifas is tolerated for long-term use.

The daily dose is 5-10 mg, single is prescribed exclusively by a doctor. Its effectiveness is 3-5 times higher than the popular furosemide preparation.

The advantages of a triphas are that it is notflushes calcium from the body. And this is important for people in old age. With cardiac edema that tend to prolonged treatment, the use of this drug is considered optimal.

A well-proven drug is shown when:

  • cardiac edema;
  • edema of the brain and lungs;
  • edematous processes caused by poisoning with various substances.

Furasemide has recently been trying to replaceother diuretics, which have fewer side effects. Negative manifestations of this drug are: digestive disorders, itching and redness of the skin, lower blood pressure, temporary worsening of hearing, arrhythmia and convulsions.

Contraindication to the reception of furasemide is renal insufficiency and low level of potassium in the blood.

Take the drug internally before meals, single dose- 40 to 120 mg, total daily dose - maximum 500 mg. It is advisable to take the drug on a background of a potassium-rich diet. In the first half of pregnancy, furassemide is not prescribed for admission.

A relatively new drug whose action is based on the use of medicinal herbs (yarrow, rosemary and lyubistok). The form of the release is orange colored pills in a round shape.

The action of this drug is complex, in parallel with the diuretic action contributes to the removal of urinary stones, has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic property.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components and age of up to 6 years. Use only as directed by the doctor during lactation and pregnancy.

Applied kanefron-n internally, adults - 2pills 3 times a day, schoolchildren - 1 dragee 3 times a day. A side effect can only be an allergic reaction, data on overdose and intoxication drug at the moment there.