Cause of right edema

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Do you have a swollen left leg? In very rare cases, it can be life-threatening condition. This article provides information on what to do if you notice swelling of the legs, especially swelling of the left leg. Swelling of the feet can be a problem for many people. Under the swelling of the feet, usually means swelling of any part of the foot, including the ankles, hips and calves. There are many causes of leg edema, but in any case, all these causes are associated with the accumulation of fluid or inflammation of the joints or tissues. Often, these causes are caused by trauma, prolonged sitting or standing or even a more serious disease (blood clot formation or blood circulation problems). In some cases, it is the left leg that can swell more than the right leg.

Causes of left leg swelling

In many cases, the swelling of the legs occurs evenly,none of the legs does not seem more edematous than the other. But sometimes one leg swells, and the other remains relatively normal. Common causes of water retention or inflammation are associated with arthritis, an injury that affects only one leg or problems with a blood clot. Here is more information on the causes of foot swelling.

The reason for the swelling of the left leg is arthritis. If you have a severe form of arthritis in the knee or ankle, this can lead to severe swelling of the leg. This can also be a very painful condition that can make it difficult to move or flex the leg. With a severe form of arthritis, you may not even be able to transfer weight to the affected limb. Arthritis can be a very serious condition that requires medical attention to prevent further damage to the leg.

The reason for the edema of the left leg is in the blood clot. Many people believe that the formation of a thrombus in any area of ​​the body is accompanied by pain, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the first and only symptom of a blood clot in one leg is swelling. Other symptoms may include: lack of sensitivity in the leg or pain in the affected area, even tingling, numbness. In the left leg, heat and cold can be felt, but in the right leg, there is not. It is important to get immediate medical attention if you suspect a blood clot.

Cause of left and right leg swelling - in delaywater. This is one of the most common causes of swelling, but it affects both legs. Water retention can be caused by prolonged standing on the legs, but can also be the result of serious problems, such as kidney failure or heart disease.

Trauma - as a cause of edema of the left leg. If your leg has been injured in any way, then the tumor can be considered a normal problem until the consequences of the injury heal. Fracture of the foot, severe bruising or other types of trauma can lead to swelling of the leg. Unfortunately, this kind of edema can increase pain due to trauma. Therefore, you need to talk with your doctor about what can be done to relieve swelling.

Other causes of swelling of the legs

Other causes that lead to accumulationfluid in the legs, are kidney problems, heart problems, blood clots in the legs, hormonal treatments, pregnancy and some prescription drugs. Sometimes even ibuprofen, a drug to reduce inflammation, can cause swelling. Many injuries can lead to inflammation and edema of the affected area.

How can you determine the swelling of your left leg?

Sometimes the left leg may look a bit moreswollen than the right one. Is it an edema? First, look at the left and right leg on both sides. Is one more different? Swollen feet can look shiny or glossy and can even feel the "tension" of the skin. You can also do a simple test: just tap your finger on the foot. Will the track remain in place of pressure? This is a sign of severe swelling. Consult a doctor if swelling of one or both legs is noted.

Treatment of edema of the left foot

In many cases, it is possible to eliminate leg edema,using rest, ice, squeezing and elevation. Put your foot on the pillow at a level above the heart, put on compression stockings to ease swelling, and apply ice to the painful area.

Help reduce swelling of the feet will help:

1) a diet low in salt,
2) intensive exercises that promote the flow of blood through your legs;
3) wear elastic stockings;
4) lose weight if you need to do this;
5) Tell the doctor about all the medications you take.

Also, keep your foot on the dais, do not stand for a long period of time, often move instead of sitting.

Since there is no way to determine the true cause of the left leg edema, be sure to visit a doctor.

When do I need to see a doctor immediately?

Sometimes a visit to a doctor can not wait. If the left leg is swollen and there are other symptoms, you need to call an ambulance. Dangerous symptoms are:
1) edema occurs for no apparent reason and very suddenly;
2) swelling is the result of an accident or injury.

If you experience chest pain, fainting, anddizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, an urgent need to call an ambulance, because these symptoms indicate a very serious disease.

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