The right side of the body

Tomas :
Hello! My whole father's right side got swollen: his face, arm, leg, his stomach swelled, it's hard to breathe too. What could it be?

Answer of the doctor:
Hello, Toma.
The reasons for this kind of edema can be several. But the symptoms are more similar with the defeat of the brain. If the condition has arisen sharply, then it is necessary to call an ambulance.

The sudden occurrence of such symptoms may bewith ischemic stroke, as well as an increase in blood pressure and headache. When the pressure increases, you should drink 1/2 of the kapotene tablets, place an aspirin under the tongue and wait for the ambulance to arrive. The ambulance in that case should take you to the on-duty neurological hospital, where they will conduct additional examinations and prescribe the treatment.

With ischemic stroke, therapy will includecardiovascular, nootropic, metabolic drugs, diuretics for the removal of edema, drugs that improve the rheological properties of blood, which prevent the formation of blood clots. The edema of one side of the body can be and with neoplasm of the brain. Therefore, it will be necessary to make an MRI of the brain with contrast to exclude serious pathology.

With pathology from the central nervoussystems, along with edema of the body half, speech disorders, inhibition, headaches, dizziness may occur. If swelling occurs intermittently, then you need to consult a therapist and go through a full examination immediately. It is necessary to pass tests for hormones of the thyroid gland, since this symptom can be associated with the thyroid system, blood biochemistry to exclude hepatic pathology. Also, an electrocardiogram should be performed to exclude pathology from the heart. For the detection of renal pathology, an overall urinalysis should be submitted.

Also, local edema may be due toneurogenic pathology, for example, with syringomyelia, which is confirmed by MRI diagnosis of the spine. If there is a disturbance in the regulation of water-electrolyte metabolism, swelling occurs periodically, can decrease, arises because of metabolic disturbances, intoxication of the body, with alcoholism.

In any case, your dad needs urgent medical help. In case of serious pathology, untimely treatment can lead to serious consequences.
Health to you and your loved ones!

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