The neck has fallen from one side

Probably everyone in his life came across, withthe fact that he had some painful voluminous formations in his neck. Sometimes they even can be seen with the naked eye. What is it? Let's try to figure out what is causing them, and what to do with them.

The most common cause of such formations on the neck are enlarged lymph nodes. To understand why this is happening and what to do about it, it is necessary to understand what lymph nodes are in general for and what their structure is. As you probably know, our body is protected from infection with the help of the immune system, which includes various white blood cells. They move through all tissues and organs, discovering strangers and killing them. The main routes for their movement are lymphatic vessels. sooner or later anycirculating in the body. Lymph nodes are fortresses located on these paths, their task is to destroy all foreign organisms, not allowing them to penetrate deep into the body. Therefore, in the region of the neck, there are so many of these lymph nodes. After all, it is in them that lymph flows from the respiratory tract, and together with it both bacteria and viruses drift.

Each lymph node as a military base, where millions of people are waiting for their timelymphocytes, ready at any time to become a defense of your body. The more hits in the lymph node hostile microorganisms, the more he is currently reinforcements to cope with them. Lymphoid tissue inhabits more and more new lymphocytes that come there from other tissues. And this happens until the threat is eliminated or the lymph node does not lose the fight. Then the next following him will enter the battle, the more lymph nodes will be lost, the harder your infection will go.

Most often, it is the increase in cervical lymph nodes,notice patients or doctors. Firstly, this is due to the fact that they stand on the main path of microorganism penetration into your body, they reflect the attacks of the infection that penetrates the respiratory tract. Well, the second reason is more banal: on the neck, the lymph nodes lie close to the skin, and if they increase, they are easy to feel, and sometimes even see with the eye. Ocher can simply determine how successful your body resists infection. It is enough to estimate how many lymph nodes you can feel for yourself under the lower jaw and on the neck. And what feelings do you have this. If the lymph nodes are small, not soldered to surrounding tissues and painless, then, in principle, everything is good, your body is successfully coping with external invasion. But if you feel the pain or knots when you touch the lymph node, and are big and welded to each other and surrounding tissues, then it's time to sound the alarm: your body is clearly losing the fight with the infection, and if it does not help, you will soon fall down with a fever and intoxication. As a rule, all these changes occur at the angle of the lower jaw or along the lateral surface of the neck.

If you see that you have a kind of tumor on the front surface of the neck, it is most likely not a lymph node: such formations give thyroid. What is this organ and why is it needed? In order to understand this, consider first its structure. The thyroid gland has a shape resembling a butterfly, in the center is the isthmus, and at the edges - lobes somewhat resembling wings. If we look at the gland tissue in a microscope, we will see a multitude of channels filled with a secret produced by this gland. Speaking simplistically, the substances contained in them regulate the speed of your metabolism, that is, they urge organs and tissues to work at your pace. The composition of all these hormones is iodine. per day a person needs, somewhere 100 mgof this substance. In natural conditions a person receives it from seafood, but residents of the continental regions of the earth rarely use foods that contain this trace element in large quantities. In the body, there is a shortage of thyroid hormones, and the body begins to compensatively increase the thyroid gland in order to produce enough of them. So endemic goiter develops, this disease is typical for all intracontinental regions, in Russia it is common in Siberia and the Urals. Also, the thyroid gland may increase due to autoimmune aggression, when your immune system, by mistake, attacks the cells of your gland, and not to be completely destroyed, it begins to actively grow, while the level of thyroid hormones in the blood increases in proportion to its size.

Normally, in a healthy person, this gland is not visible,and is not probed, if you live in the continental areas, then you can normally palpate the isthmus of the gland. There is nothing to worry about, this is the norm for your region, eat more iodine containing food - and everything will pass. A much more serious situation. when you can easily feel the Isthmus and the lobe of the gland, the situation is especially unpleasant when they are not even, and you feel some knots in them. In this case, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The presence of nodules is dangerous because they significantly increase the risk of malignant neoplasms, if the time does not go into the examination and treatment, the node can be reborn in cancerous tumor. which is treated quite differently and withmuch lower chances for successful healing. Do not delay with seeking medical help, in time spent a few weeks on the survey will allow you to avoid long and difficult treatment and, possibly, will prolong your life for a couple of decades.

If you have any kind of swelling on your neck and youdo not know what it is, and before it was not - do not ignore this fact, seek medical advice, perhaps this is a symptom of a serious illness. Do not hesitate to take care of your health - except for you no one will do it.