Othela upper lip causes

Many people, having discovered that the upper lip is swollen, begin to worry, because they do not know where the tumor came from and what to do about it.

The reasons, of course, can be many.

Often a provoking factor is the allergen. And if the upper lip is swollen, then it can be the body's reaction to the stimulus. A tumor can be caused by a food product. To get rid of swelling, you should exclude it from the diet. Often an allergen is the dust or pollen of plants.

People with developmental herpes can oftento observe that their upper lip was swollen. This is how the "cold" manifests itself. If such a manifestation is not uncommon, then, most likely, a proven tool that facilitates the condition is always at hand. Well, if not, the herpes appeared for the first time, and because of it the upper lip swelled, then you can get an ointment against this disease. This is the case if the swelling is insignificant and does not cause any particular problems. If the tumor is significant, accompanied by painfulness, it is necessary, without delay, to consult a doctor.

If the child's lip is swollen, what is the reason?

Very often young children fall and accidentally bite their lips. There are small wounds that provoke a tumor. As a rule, such sores pass by themselves.

Just like an adult, the cause of the tumor can bebecome allergy. In children, citrus is often a mucosal irritant. When these symptoms occur, allergens should be excluded from the baby's diet.

If it was found that the lip was swollen inside the mouth, thenthis may indicate the presence of stomatitis. This disease can be accompanied by the spread of swelling and ulcers throughout the oral mucosa. It is believed that stomatitis is a more childish illness. However, it can develop in an adult. If, for some reason, it is not possible to take the child to a doctor in the near future, rinse the mouth with a decoction of medicinal plants that have antiseptic properties or disinfect the oral cavity with a solution. However, it is best to go to a specialist.

Tumescence on the lips may indicateproblems with teeth in the child. In many children their eruption is accompanied by such phenomena. In addition, the guilt of the swelling may also be a non-treated tooth. In this case, you should immediately go to the dentist.

There are other rather serious reasonsdevelopment of swelling on the lips. Often this condition accompanies inflammatory processes or the occurrence of a viral infection. If, for example, a tumor appeared against the background of the flu, then the oral cavity is treated with an antiseptic. In the case of cracks and wounds, it is recommended to apply a disinfectant ointment. In many cases, swelling of the lips is only a manifestation of the underlying disease. Therefore, therapeutic measures should be aimed at its elimination, and not only to alleviate the symptoms.

In order to avoid a tumor from weatheringDue to unfavorable weather conditions, wind or frost, lips should be protected with hygienic lipstick. When forming a tumor, it is recommended to use a nutritious cream containing vitamins.

It should be noted that whenswelling and keeping it for a long period is necessary to visit a specialist. Consultation with the doctor will help to identify the exact cause of the development of the condition. If this is an allergy, then the allergen will come to light. If it is an infection, the doctor will prescribe the necessary tests to determine the type. In accordance with the results of diagnostic activities, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, optimal and competent treatment will be selected.