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Chronic diseases: chronic bronchitis, obesity with growth 162 cm -80 kg anemia,

Hello, Began to notice that in the morning I havethe hand of the left hand swells, and it lasts until noon or even longer. In the morning I can not clench my fist. And during the day when walking fast, shortness of breath and a dull pain in the area of ​​the clavicles and some discomfort in the left side of the chest. At delivery of blood tests from a finger! Blood does not flow. Hemoglobin 73. The pressure is not heard in the prone position. And so 110/70

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Sorry, but I do not understand the essence of your treatment. You do not ask any questions, in order to help the advice-information is extremely inadequate.
So besides that, that you need to address, to be surveyed and treated at your therapist to me to add there is nothing.
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