Swollen back

Julia | | (Odessa) | 12/25/2010 3:32 PM

Good afternoon! At me such question at my husband there was a trauma of a backbone fracture of vertebra or vertebrae C5 and C6 the doctor has told or said that the rupture is not present only sphagnum of a spinal cord, sensitivity only at a level of nipples there were movements by a stomach and muscles of a back (earlier were absent), there is a reaction to externally stimuli on legs at pressing the feet are shortened muscles twitch legs with tickling, from the time of the injury was already 5 months really want to know what our chances are that we will go again and whether there is a need to take the drugs?

Queen Oksana | | (Nevinnomyssk, the Russian Federation) | 8/28/2012 9:25 PM

Hello, my friend paralyzed the lowerpart of the trunk, including the bladder and intestines. The doctors said it was a spinal cord edema. In our city and in Stavropol such operations do not. And in general they say that hardly anyone will undertake to operate. Tomorrow it is transferred from the regional center back to our city, they say that it is necessary to send to Moscow or St. Petersburg. She had no trauma, her back was sometimes ache a little. And here the spine suddenly fell ill, then the right leg and then paralyzed the left leg and all to the waist. Tell me, please, where can I go for help? The girl is only 32 years old. Is there any chance of getting out of bed?

Amir Muratovich Merzhoev 9/4/2012 1:39 AM