The elbow is swollen from what

Edema is a simple and ordinary at first glancea symptom that can talk about a huge number of hidden pathologies. If you observe the condition of your body, you will necessarily notice the appearance of edema, and in time turning to a specialist, you can prevent serious consequences. Swelling is easiest to notice on the hands, as they are always in sight.

You have a problem - you can not take it offring with a finger, although the day before it was done with ease? This situation can happen if you have swollen fingers. Let's consider the main causes of edema.

Fingers of the hands swell: causes

The causes of edema can be general and local. Common causes are diseases that lead to generalized edema, and appear in the case of diseases that affect the heart, kidneys, thyroid and liver, and sometimes during pregnancy, especially after the 20th week. We want to note that if you have swollen fingers of both hands, you should probably look for the cause among the above mentioned diseases. So, consider them in more detail.

  1. Cardiac edema. Their peculiarity is that they were originallyappear on their feet, gradually "climbing" upward. That is, if you notice swelling on your legs, then that your fingers are swollen, and if you suffer from shortness of breath, have high blood pressure or discomfort behind your sternum, we advise you to consult a cardiologist for proper advice.
  2. Renal edema. If you notice that your fingers are swelling aroundmornings, and also observe swelling on the face, but in the evening you did not eat salty foods - we recommend that you pass an urine test, in order to check whether the infection in the kidneys has not "settled" in the kidneys, which prevents them from working at full strength. Be sure to visit a doctor if you have suffered from pyelonephritis or other kidney diseases.
  3. Myxedema. Myxedema is swellings that are caused byan insufficient function of the thyroid gland. In addition to the very swelling of the fingers, the patient notices increased fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, dry skin, hair loss. If you have noted these symptoms in yourself, you need to pass tests for hormones, in order to clarify the diagnosis.
  4. Edema during pregnancy. Swelling of the fingers during pregnancy - anxioussign, is a messenger of pre-eclampsia. If you have noted edema, do not hesitate to inform your doctor about it. He will tell you how to behave properly in such a situation.
  5. If the fingers swell and hurt, this may indicate that joints are tight in the process. This situation also requires the treatment of a specialist, he will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe a course of treatment.

If your fingers swell only with one hand, orright, or left, then it can be argued that the problem is of a local nature. The cause of edema only one hand can be an infection, various types of allergies, as well as enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit.

  1. If you recently cut your finger or mademanicure, and you have swollen first one finger, and then the whole hand, and swelling is accompanied by pain, fever and redness, urgently go to the surgeon to prevent further spread of the inflammatory process.
  2. If you have swollen fingers after youcontacted with a new dishwashing detergent, shampoo or other kind of chemicals - maybe the edema is allergic. In that case, avoid allergen or, if possible, wear household gloves.
  3. If you noted that the fingers swellconstantly, as well as swelling increases, there is a possibility that the lymph nodes in the armpit have increased. Try to grope them. To begin with, put your hand sideways. With your free hand, feel inward. If you feel a round education, consult a doctor, as the causes of enlarged lymph nodes can be very diverse - from reaction to deodorant to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Always listen to your body, take timely action and your body will repay you for this long life! Be healthy!