Causes under the eyebrows

The attractiveness of any woman is often determinedthe expressiveness of the eyes and when there are problems around the eyes, this is frustrating and troubling. Why is swelling under the eyes so frequent?

Many are well aware of the state, when weeping in the evening in plenty, next morning instead of wide open eyes - small slits around which swelling and swollen eyelids.

Here about the cause of edema and nothing to guess, it's on the face. Well, if the day ahead is ahead and you do not have to show eye to eye to the curious employees, and if everything happened on ordinary everyday life? One thing remains: quickly get rid of edema. For this, one often has to useimprovised means. To quickly remove swelling under the eyes in the morning, you can use ice cubes. Do not press and rub the skin, you should wipe them around the eyes. You can make acupressure tapping with your fingertips or apply for a few minutes half-rings of raw peeled potatoes. The rest, make decorative cosmetics, because in a very short time it is not always possible to completely eliminate such a problem without the funds prepared in advance.

Therefore, if swelling under the eyes in the morningappear often because of an extra glass of liquid drunk overnight, or if they are regular due to fatigue or overwork, it is better to have in stock the means for their quick elimination.

How quickly to remove swelling under the eyes

To remove swelling, you can pre-boil the leaves of parsley and freeze the broth. Do more cubes so that you can conveniently hold them in your hand, and exclude injuries to the delicate skin around the eyes. In addition, making a massage around the eyes, the feeling of cold in the eyes is unacceptable. Movements should be made from the nose to the temple under the eyebrow and from the temple to the nose under the eyes. Fresh parsley can also be used frozen, but it is better to add a little water to the squeezed juice before freezing.

The following recipe will tell, How to remove swelling under the eyes, using the roots of parsley. Effective remedy for edema under the eyes - gruel from the roots of parsley. The roots need to be cleaned, rubbed on a fine grater, slightly cooled and put under the eyes for 20 minutes.

Good help from edema leaves of birch. The crushed leaves are poured in water and infused for 10 hours. Lotions are applied to the eyes for 10-15 minutes twice a day.
Of course, the causes of edema can be varied and, if they are known, it is much easier to eliminate the problem: to abandon bad habits or not to use one or another diet.

The causes of edema under the eyes

Often, the appearance of edema is associated with thyroid disease, so the removal of edema by various methods, ignoring the treatment of thyroid gland, is ineffectual. In this case to get rid of edema under the eyes, treatment of the underlying disease is the only correct solution. The same applies to kidney disease and problems,associated with cardiovascular diseases, stomach diseases and disorders of the nervous system. If there are problems with the kidneys, in addition, you have a sedentary job, you need to do in the morning and in breaks at work, even though several squats. Such squats will help stimulate pelvic circulation, improve kidney function and help reduce swelling under the eyes. Do not forget that with poor filtration of the kidneys, you do not need to consume large amounts of liquid at night. If the kidneys are examined, they contain sand, edema can annoy you constantly. Effective means that will help get rid of sand in the body and remove swelling - figs with cinnamon. To do this, the fig (half a kilogram) is passed through a meat grinder, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cinnamon, mix and put in the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Sometimes swelling under the eyes appear in a veryearly age, when girls start using make-up. Swelling under the eyes, the reasons for their occurrence, can become an allergic reaction from cosmetic agents and very often, through ignorance, you can cause serious damage to the eyes, continuing to mask the problem, with the help of cosmetics, which causes allergies. It is important to remove makeup with special tools, do not rub the skin around the eyes and certainly use the cream from swelling under the eyes in accordance with your age.

The causes of red swelling under the eyes can be frequent headaches and insomnia.

A very effective remedy for edema under the eyes, which are caused by violations of lymphatic and venous outflow, offers Japanese shiatsu therapy (shi - fingers, atsu - pressure). The technique involves pressing your fingers at certain points. The technique allows to normalize regulatory processes, quickly relieves pain in the eyes, swelling, which arise from overwork. You need to sit down, relax and do the following exercises:

Three fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) should be positioned along the edge of the sockets towards the eyebrow and press down 3 times. It is important that the nails do not touch the skin.
Press with the index finger on the lower edge of the orbit with movements from top to bottom.
Using the thumb pads, press down on the eyelids for 10 seconds.

Following the ancient Japanese teachings, you can relieve a headache, improve sleep, learn how to remove the swelling under the eyes itself in a short time.

If time allows, you need to additionally (with three fingers) press on the zygomatic bone, in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve.

Swelling under the eyes, the reasons for their appearance may be associated with the consumption of fatty and spicy foods.. In this case, you need to limit the diet, inwhich includes fatty and fried dishes, to give preference to the use of fresh, in extreme cases, stewed vegetables, to limit the consumption of boiled lean meat.

How else can you remove the swelling under the eyes

How to remove the swelling under the eyes tell many old records of traditional healers. You can, for example, use buckwheat flour to remove puffiness under the eyes.. To do this, dried buckwheat (not fried)grind to the formation of flour and pour warm water. Knead not very tight dough and sculpt cakes, which are applied under the eyes for 20 minutes. Within a few days you will forget what swelling is.

Pumpkin and cucumber pulp, taken equally, plusmix a little flower honey and put it on your face, in the form of a mask just for 15 minutes. If every day before going to bed you pamper yourself with such a mask, the skin on your face will become tender and velvety, blue circles and puffiness will disappear under the eyes.

Well helps with edema, olive oil and egg yolk from fresh chicken eggs .

There are a lot of remedies for swelling under the eyes. And yet everyone will approach the method, which provides for the features of his body, does not cause allergies and irritations, will help to look fresh and young.

Diet becomes unbearable only when it prohibits the use of your favorite foods that bring pleasure and joy.

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