The upper eyelid swells and peels off

Female 27 years.
Russia Moscow

Hello.A week ago, I noticed peeling in the corners of my eyes, then there was itching and, if I scrub, the eyelids swelled. It worsened in the evening after washing. for a night edema and itching passed. They said that there may be a lack of vitamin A. I bought and 2 days took in, but there is no result. Yesterday the eyelids very swelled, swelled and itched. Descended or went to the ophthalmologist, he has told or said what is it the infection has registered Blefarogel, began to smear, has passed or has taken place while 1 an itch has a little passed or has taken place, but puffiness small is. Still accept Tavigil because I think that can alergiya. In general, I have never suffered from allergies. The only thing is that I do not eat meat and fish, and for several years I take diuretics and laxatives: bisacodyl and furosemide. Could this be a reaction to them? I accept them without an appointment and quite often. Please, help! I'm so scared. What should I do, advise. Thank you.