Why the back swells

Such morning problems as back pain andpoor health, often associated with a sedentary lifestyle of modern man. It happens that it's hard to get out of bed in the morning, and in order to somewhat reduce the pain in your back, you need to disperse, move. At night, the pain may not be felt, and you can sleep well, but the night spent in an uncomfortable bed and in one position, will inevitably respond in the morning with a pulling pain in the lower back.

Because of what does the back hurt in the morning?

This is a consequence of osteochondrosis, caused eitherviolation of the mechanism of movement of the spinal column, or spasm of muscles and ligaments. Its cause may be even minor changes in the small joints of the spinal column. Most often, morning pain is a consequence of muscle spasm. Similar pulling girdling pain, similar to the feeling of tight hanging hoop can give and to the abdominal wall, which causes painful sensations in the lower abdomen.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spineinitially manifests itself in subtle symptoms. It can be a feeling of fatigue, some discomfort when leaning forward and back pain in the morning. However, with the passage of time these sensations intensify, the intervals between them become shorter, they are aggravated by sneezing and coughing, and sometimes arise when a person simply claps his hands or tie on shoe laces.

With osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebral columnpillar, there is pain in the neck, at the back of the neck and between the shoulder blades, numbness in the arms, sleepiness, heaviness in the shoulders. In addition, there are flashing flies in front of the eyes, when the head is turned.

How to get rid of back pain in the morning?

Medicine is able to help cope with the pain. If there is pain in the back in the morning, you should contact a traumatologist or neurologist. The doctor can choose you individual treatment. It can include reflexology, manual therapy, as well as physiotherapy, the purpose of which is to relax the muscles. In the complex of measures for the treatment of osteochondrosis include therapeutic exercise; usually doctors prescribe physical exercises in warm water, apply and massage the back muscles. With the retreat of pain, you can begin to exercise to strengthen the lumbar spine. Strengthened muscular corset favors the development of a correct and, therefore, beautiful posture, and well supports the spine.

Pain and tension in the back in the morning, perhaps, can also be a consequence of sleep on the back. If you sleep on your back with elongated legs, there is an increase in the bend in the lower back.

If back pain is not associated with an injury, hereThere are two possible reasons. This is an overload of the back muscles or swelling. It is very important not only to get rid of the pain. but also to restore the resources of the back muscles, removing swelling, normalization of the blood supply to the spinal cord.

Symptoms of diseases, why it hurts back in the morning

Very often, the back hurts in the mornings because of:
  • muscle stiffness,
  • stress,
  • incorrect posture
  • and problems with excessive body weight.

This is the result of the degeneration of certain muscle groups. The symptom here is severe back pain in the morning, which decreases by mid-day due to increased mobility.

Signs of curvature of the spine and asymmetrical muscle contraction are prolonged spasm and sharp morning pain in the back, localized in the lumbar or cervical spine.

Another reason for these pains may be edema of the invertebral muscles.

Other reasons, which are less common,can be ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew's disease), osteoporosis, in which pain in the lumbar region can become unbearable, requiring the taking of an anesthetic. muscular spasm and spinal instability, which can occur in women during postmenopause.