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Good afternoon. At me such situation-in the morning having woken up has felt a small headache, thus very strange. Exactly left half of the head ached, coming to the mirror noticed that the left eye was a little swollen. More precisely the lower eyelid has a swelling, when pressed it does not hurt. And the feeling that between the eye and some kind of tooth something has inflamed. This is not the first time I have, previously everything stopped for 4-5 days. The pain is not acute but it hinders me. I work on a motor ship, and when this all happens there is no way to get to the doctor, and when there is a possibility there is not even this problem, there's nothing to show. Can you please tell me what to do.

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Hello. First, you need to go to the dentist and check the roots of the teeth of the upper jaw to the left. And only if everything is quiet there, you can think of some kind of neuritis of the trigeminal or facial nerve.

Alina, it's not so nice to "throw" on a doctor who only in absentia suggested!
I can add that the doctor is probably right! I had the same situation and yet I knew for sure that I was swollen and my eyes ache from a big hole in the upper tooth with an open nerve. After removing the nevre and restoring the toothache, the eye has passed!

Hello, Alina!
It seems to me that you have accurately guessed what the problem is with the author of the question. I have a similar problem.
This phenomenon occurred to me withperiodicity once a year, starting with the school. It started like this - since the morning (or a little later) first hurts at one point in the middle of the head, closer to the face. The pain is pressing, aching, pulsating, receding for a while. At an inclination the pulsation amplified. By the evening the pain becomes stronger, then the peak of pain was felt, that is, when it was the most painful. And then, usually just before the very dream, there comes a kind of turning point (and it's very interesting to know - why?) And the pain retreats slowly and even pleasantly, and passes at all. And the body immediately feels relaxed. I did not drink pills for anesthesia. When pressing on the aching area, the pain recedes. The next day, the eye swollen from the very side where the pain was. The first time I noticed this after I was very nervous, that I was already shaking (the first time so badly) in 9th grade (there was an unfavorable situation in the school). Maybe I started with the experience of some kind of mechanism? After all, there was never such a thing before. Then it happened, I repeat, with a period of times a year. Now to me 24. T. E. It was already somewhere 10 times. And the eye swelled less each time. This is also interesting - what does this mean? Recently, there was exactly the same pain that began in the morning, completely without swelling. The Internet has long sought information about this. I read the messages of people with the same problem, they are answered in the topic that it can be barley, an allergy. Or their doctors say that these are some kind of sclerotic changes in the brain (like, not terrible). And when he asked the neurologist at the polyclinic at his place of residence (he had no symptoms at all), he said that it was "from the nerves", without further specifying. Are sclerotic changes and nerves? Alina, write, please, more in detail the name of the picture of the head, which to do, so that I immediately understood honey. Staff. Can this be a brain hemorrhage? And in general, as far as this thing is dangerous, how often it occurs? What are the predictions of people with such a thing? And more, you advise to go to the cardiologist. And suddenly there will be one who says, since the heart does not hurt, then it is not in his competence. To whom then it will be possible to go, that for certain helped to establish the cause of this condition? And yet, if this is from the VSD, then it seems as if it is not scary, does not affect the organs?
Forgive me for such a great text, I really want to understand this. I want to understand the reason, if possible - to cure.