The ossicles on the ankle

Chronic diseases: Flattening, scoliosis, bronchial asthma

Hello! About a year ago, I got an acupuncture near my ankle (bone). I did not pay attention to her, because she did not interfere. Recently, unpleasant sensations and tolerable pain have appeared. In rest does not hurt at all, but when walking and running sometimes there is discomfort. I do skis, I run a lot. A month ago, during training, he injured that leg, a crunch was heard, it was painful to attack the day, then it passed. Tell me please, can I continue to train and how can I be cured?

Tags: cone on the leg near the ankle, lump on the ankle

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1) until the problem is eliminated, it is not necessary to give loads that cause pain;
2) the above radiographs are not informative for a variety of reasons (low quality, only one projection);
3) in this case to clarify the diagnosisit is advisable to perform ultrasound (or MRI), because (based on the photo of the foot), it is possible to assume changes in soft tissues that can not be determined by radiography;
4) the most effective method of treatment can be determined only after the pre-examination (ultrasound followed by a full-time examination of the orthopedist).