Why the skin is swelling

olega xz Pupil (96), on a vote 4 years ago

this is a problem I have a 2-month, shorter from meswollen and blush those parts of the body that get cold water or a damp cold wind. Today I went swimming and my penis swelled up)), because the water was not yet warmed up. after 2 hours, the skin returned to the standard position. get rid of this!? help!

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Victoria Klimenko Profi (794) 4 years ago

blood circulation is disturbed!
go to the doctor

Elena Knyazeva The Thinker (8568) 4 years ago

No way. Symptomatic treatment can be done, but the effect is conditional. What you describe is like a pseudoallergic reaction, or. as people call it, a cold allergy. In the winter simply seams.