Why the neck is swelling

The problem began about two weeks ago -neck on the right. There is no pain, the voice is OK, the temperature is normal. nodes slightly enlarged, as the doctor said, not significantly. Inflamed right tonsil-moderate. Laur put acute pharyngitis and chronic tonsillitis (the throat did not ache and does not hurt) - it was treated, it did not become better. The neck on the right began to swell in the morning and dumb, sometimes the right side of the face grows dumb. The blood handed over 3 weeks ago the general or common, biochemistry, vich-hepatitises-all in norm or rate all is pure or clean. Was at the neurologist-did or made a roentgen and echo-all in norm or rate. Was at a gastroenterologist-all in norm or rate. At the moment: the neck is slightly swollen, numb, the feeling of heaviness on the right, there is no pain, there was a crunch in the throat, discomfort when the head tilted to the right. I no longer know where to go or what to do with this problem. Help me please.

Hello! It is urgent to do an x-ray of the cervical spine and ultrasound of the vessels of the head + neck. I think that your symptomatology has little to do with the pathology of the pharynx or larynx. You are a patient, either a neurologist or a surgeon.

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From the night there is blood from the nose from the right nostril (1 timeat night and 2 times a morning-day), the amount is small, mostly flowing directly into the throat with small trickles or clots (out of the nose comes out quite a bit and not every time), the pressure is 106/73. General condition: sometimes dizziness, tinnitus, pressure on the eyes, the head floats and begins to hurt a little in the temples. There is a small puffiness near the right side of the nose and eyes, small sinia under the eyes. I accept.

Two weeks I have a sore throat and a head, I cough sometimes with phlegm. There is no temperature, the pressure is normal. I am treated and nothing helps or assists. What to do?

Hello!On the right side there is not much inflammation of the tonsils, pain and discomfort are absent. Nothing prevents swallowing. Occasionally lacunas are blocked, about once every three weeks, while the gland is slightly swollen. After self-cleansing of the tonsils (as far as possible), the tumor falls off, but it is still in an enlarged state. The last catarrhal disease was in July, and the gland was inflamed at the end of September. With what could this be related and what to do in such a situation? Thank you!

Good afternoon, dear doctors!writes to you on CT scan the condition of the outer and inner ear is normal. I can not wear a normal hearing aid, since there is nowhere to insert. strong depression, hands drop. what should I do, I do not know, help, please advice. I also want to ask if the impetuous the birth of my mother to cause this pathology? she gave birth to me for 3 hours after a strong stimulation of labor.

I drip on the natizine for 15 years, I can not live without it, my nose does not breathe at all, I start to suffocate, my nose did not breathe and before the use of naftizine. Tell me what could be the problem?

Hello. lacks air although at night I sleep normally but in the morning I wake up something that lacks vohduha, took a picture of a light heart in the norm, put a bilateral sinusitis. before it smoked and it appeared suddenly, tell or say it can be because of a genyantritis?

Hello, there was sex two days ago, I didcunnilingus, then sex was first in the condom, then he jumped off the penis, and continued the sexual intercourse without him, in the partner is sure, but after sex sore throat and chills, the temperature is normal, what can it be?

Good afternoon! My child has a stuffy nose in the morning, after washing everything is normalized. After going to Laura, they advised us to take a blood test and make an x-ray of the nasal sinuses. There is an allergy to flowering, but it usually appears from late May to August. The analysis disturbed me because many indicators are not normal. ESR 4 limits 0-10 Leukocytes 7.1 limits 4.5-14.5 Neutrophils 4.6 limits 1.8-5.5 Neutrophil percentage 64.0 limits 43.0-60.0 Lymphocytes 1.4 limits 1.2-3, 0The percentage of lymphocytes is 19.6 limits.

Hello, I have difficulty breathing inlying position. sitting and standing all is normal. And it's still hard to swallow saliva (it does not hurt, but it's hard as a bud something hinders). one nostril is laid down from childhood (curvature of the nasal septum). Has appeared with one month ago but has begun with a small discomfort at revolution from a back on a side it became normal. now it is equally difficult to breathe that on one side that is on the back. Now there was a lump in the throat and a dry throat. Pershit ..

Zdrastvujte at me such question, there was a smell fromnose, took a picture, diagnosed chronic purulent maxillary sinusitis exacerbation. For a while, augmentin was given a week to drink, aztz, tizin, and on Monday a puncture! here I drink augmentin, the smell has crept up, but it feels like it's pressing on my ears and I began to smell bad because of what it might be ? and whether it is possible for me to do first cuckoo and if it does not help then puncture? thanks a lot)

Hello.The second day is a little bit stuffy in the ears, like pressure. But the pressure is normal, there are no pain in the ears, there are no secretions. Once before, it was like that, after a couple of days it passed itself. When I open my mouth wide, it's a little easier, but then again, too, samo.kapapyval camphor alcohol, does not help. What can be? traffic jams like net.i main thing in the right is more zalozhennost)) thanks

At any employment or occupation of sports at me from a nose flow. Even if I simply go in the winter. At me a chronic genyantrit. It is necessary to do or make that at employment or occupation fiz.podg. nose breathing normally?

Good day. 45 years, sex - male.For more than a year I feel a discomfort in my throat, as if something is scratching the inside of the throat (below the subcore area) and with the head bowed down, the difficulty in speaking loudly, the sore throat, in cold weather, a slight pain on the left when swallowing, tonsils are enlarged which have a small white coating deep in the throat. I have no temperature and cough, I do not lose weight. In the course of treatment in three ENT doctors, I passed all possible blood tests.

Hello. Struck in Adam's apple for 4 days speak normally I can not in the left corner of my throat straight go do not take a sip or cough. How can I anesthetize? Or to treat at home? Rinses for example? Diclofenac-acry? How can you help yourself at home? Thanks in advance!

Hello! Before I get a job in public catering, I went to a medical commission. In results on delivery of the analysis from a nose it is found out golden staphilococcus 10 ^ 3 something. Is treatment necessary? The therapist admitted to work. Thank you in advance!