The upper eyelid dries after sleeping

14. The Tailed Mashka | | 06/09/2010, 09:34:39 [723687440]

this is probably a feature of the body, I neverswelling, even if a couple of liters of beer in the evening I'll drink, moreover, and some kind of rubbish salty snack. But the husband can wake up with terrible edemas completely without reason, the kidneys were checking everything ok, so it's hard to tell from what it is. By the way, you, the author, the truth can be from the cream, try not to smear a couple of days, look at the result - if less it will be necessary to select a cream, like a gel.

15. OK | | 24.12.2010, 13:27:33 [2726525124]

"Apply the cream under the eyes no later than 2 hours before bedtime." If applied directly before going to bed, there will be swelling. "

She asks about the upper ages, and not under the eyes.

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