The left cheek swells

Mass inconvenience and some discomfort bringsswollen cheek. It does not matter why it happened - this phenomenon greatly spoils the appearance of a person and implies a deviation in health. Why this happens we will try to understand.

The cheek is located at the person on both sides of the face. The nasolabial furrow separates the cheek from the nasal and oral area. The cheek skin is very thin and very vulnerable, so if the cheek swells, it is immediately noticeable.

Determine the cause that triggereda few specialists will help swell the cheeks. First of all, you need to visit a dentist and specialist in maxillofacial diseases to find out why this happened. Often, swelling of the cheek may be due to problems with the teeth.

Most often, when the cheek swells, it is calledflux (in medicine odontogenic periostitis). Why does this happen? The cheek swells due to an inflammatory process that occurs with the periosteum, which in turn inflames due to tooth decay, problems with teeth, bleeding gums and jaw injuries. As a result, the infection is collected in the root of the tooth and pus is collected, which causes swelling of the cheeks, face, and neck. Flux is removed by surgical intervention.

Why the cheek swells. Causes of swelling

- Diseases of the mouth are the most frequent factor that is responsible for swelling of the cheek.

- Swell may swell after surgery (for example, removal or filling of the tooth, removal of the abscess on the gum).

- Damage to the tooth, gums and mucous membrane of the mouth calls swelling of the cheek. An educated cyst on the gum leads to a swelling of the cheek.

- The cheek can swell because of a bruise in this area of ​​the face.

- Inflammation of the lymph node (lymphadenitis) often causes swelling of the cheeks.

"Why the cheeks still swell up?" A tumor can occur due to infections in the upper respiratory tract, bruise, insect bite, and other.

- Untreated carious teeth often provoke swelling of the cheek.

- Tumor swelling closer to the ear can signal the occurrence of mumps (mumps). Be sure to go to a medical facility.

- The cheek may swell as a result of the wisdom tooth being erupted.

It does not matter why the cheek swells up - swelling in the cheek area can be removed with the help of such methods:

rinse often with a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, salt and soda solution;

A cold compress can be applied to the problem site;