Left upper eyelid swells

Do you have one eyelid, too? And how long should I take antihistamines?
Doctors are embarrassed by the oc- currence that it swells one by one.
Since yesterday, began to give zirtek, whileno changes. At the same time, my child never gave me any allergies. I think the strawberry, I recently bought a Krasnodar in the market, but I do not really like it, although I used to eat strawberries and everything was fine or a water filter (new one). There are no more changes in nutrition.
And about the midge-the whole eye was examined, there is not a dot, nothing. It does not look like a bite.

At the son too allergic reaction is shown. It is one eyelid, the right one (I think one thing, because of the fact that it sleeps mainly on the right side). Especially this spring it was observed during the dusting of trees. They drank zirtek. Previously, this was not. To the son of 7 years.
I would have made an ECG just in case.