The left foot of the cause is swelling

The swelling of the legs is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in thebody. The entire leg or part of it may seem larger than in the normal size. Edema can be painless or accompanied by a variety of symptoms, including itching, pain, numbness, redness, immobility and soreness.

For what reasons does the left leg swell. Edema of the foot can be triggered by a wound that hurts the leg. The severity of the edema depends largely on its underlying cause. For example, the position for a long time can cause a slight and temporary swelling of the foot. Severe swelling may result from a wound, broken bone or sprain, heart failure and arthritis.

The duration of edema varies considerably,depending on the reason. In edema caused by a wound, there is often an extravagant beginning. In other cases, it can slowly develop and persist, worsen over time. Although life-threatening leg edema complications are rare, they seek immediate medical help for wounds that cause bleeding and tissue damage.

Swollen feet and feet may be a sign ofA serious illness, such as heart failure. In addition, in rare cases, infections of the bone (osteomyelitis), skin and soft tissue (panniculitis), legs can spread all over the body. Seek medical attention if swelling of the foot is accompanied by severe symptoms, such as sudden chest pain or increased pressure, palpitations, fever, fainting. If the left leg swells, and the manifestation of pain is chronic and causes anxiety, it is better to consult a doctor for diagnosis.

To diagnose your case, the doctor will ask you a few questions:
1) How long does the edema persist?
2) Was there a leg injury?
3) Do you experience any other symptoms, such as pain or loss of sensation of the legs?
4) Do symptoms worsen or ease after movement or certain actions?

Because swelling of the foot can occur due toserious illnesses, refusal to carry out treatment can result in serious complications and irreparable damage to health. Once the source of the problem is diagnosed, it is important to follow the treatment plan to reduce the risk of potential complications.

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