The left ankle swells

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

Good afternoon! For several years, I have been worried about the swelling of the left leg in the ankle region in the warm season, with a tingling sensation in the swollen leg, or the leg partially losing sensitivity. The second leg swells too, but much less often and slightly. I went to see the phlebologist, but not during the period of exacerbation, tk. entry into several. weeks ahead. I was given a scan of the veins, they were not enlarged, no pathological changes were detected. Was diagnosed: Constitutional phlebopathy, Chronic venous insufficiency. Saw detraleks, I wear compression socks, when there is a lot to sit or walk, especially in the heat, in the cold season, only if long flights, crossings. I make a contrast shower on my feet. Almost a year ago, I quit smoking and reduced weight a little, now I see small improvements. At the moment I have about 15 kg of excess weight.
My questions are as follows:
1) What is the probability of thrombosis and other terrible consequences of CVI in my case and what other preventive measures can be taken to prevent this from happening?
2) Which way of epilation of the legs is most preferable for CVI: warm / hot wax or epilator?
3) What nat. loads are contraindicated in CVI? I really love the bike, but somewhere I heard that it is impossible.

Irina, Moscow, 29 years old

1. In the absence of dilated veins of increased risk of thrombophlebitis, you do not.
2. Epilator, thermal loads are undesirable.
3. Any dynamic loads are useful, including a bicycle.
4. It is necessary to observe the phlebologist's doctor, if possible, to see a doctor during the period of edema. With such symptoms, there may be an onset of lymphedema.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

Good day! Thank you for the answers you received earlier, please be kind enough to answer a couple of my questions. →