The elbow arises

Bursitis is called the inflammatory process,passing in the synovial bags of the joint. It is accompanied by the formation and accumulation in them of exudate - a fluid formed during inflammation, containing protein and blood elements.

Bursitis of the elbow joint is characterized by severe pain, impaired mobility, swelling and brings many unpleasant sensations to the sick person.

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Bursitis is distinguished by clinical course. They can have acute, subacute, chronic, recurrent forms.

Also they are divided according to the nature of the pathogen: Specific, not specific, aseptic, serous, purulent, hemorrhagic, infected bursitis.

Why does bursitis of the elbow joint occur?

The cause of the appearance of acute bursitis, most often is injury (bruise, abrasion, injury) and infection of the synovial bag with pyogenic microorganisms (furuncles, carbuncles, osteomyelitis, pressure ulcers).

Chronic bursitis appears as a consequence of prolonged irritation of the elbow joint.

Symptoms, signs of bursitis

The main symptom is a painful swelling,puffiness near the joint. It is sufficiently elastic and well detected, palpated. In addition, a person experiences a general malaise, a breakdown. There may be a fever, the joint is tight, it does not work well.

With purulent bursitis of the elbow joint, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees, there is a strong swelling at the site of joint damage, the color of the skin changes.

With chronic form bursitis is not so pronounced. The swelling around the diseased joint is not as painful as in the acute form, the joint remains fully functional.

When a disease occurs, it is necessary to takemeasures to timely treatment. Otherwise, the volume of exudate in the cavity of the joint bag sharply increases, and this can lead to the formation of a fluid-filled cystic cavity.

Methods of treatment of elbow bursitis

When there is pain and swelling of the ulnarThe joint should be consulted by a doctor. The doctor will conduct the examination, most likely, will do a puncture of the cavity of the bag to establish the nature of the inflammation. Based on the results, an accurate diagnosis will be made, timely treatment with the use of medications and various procedures that the doctor will prescribe.

How to treat bursitis elbow joint folk remedies?

I suggest using some popular recipes, the most effective and popular ones:

Before you go to bed, slice thinslices of a tuber of raw potatoes. Fold them on a flap of cotton tissue, wrap the affected joint. Top wrap with cellophane or food film, warm the wrap with a woolen scarf. Leave the compress overnight.

The next night, do the same compress, only from grated raw beets. On the third night - from finely chopped white cabbage.

* Spray on a dry frying pan 1/3 cupsugar, pour it into a linen bag, attach to a sick joint, wrap it with a film, woolen scarf, fasten with a bandage. Leave the compress overnight.

* Prepare an infusion of celery seeds, whichwill help to remove the inflammation, strengthen immunity: Pour 1 tbsp. l. seeds 1 tbsp. boiling water. Cover, wrap, let stand for a couple of hours. Strain, drink 1 tbsp. 2 times a day. Treatment continue for at least 14 days.

* Here is another very effective folkMeans for treatment of bursitis: Pour 10 grams of propolis 1/3 cup of good vodka. A bottle with the future tincture is tightly closed, put in a dark place for 5 days. Then do the lotions on the affected joint until the swelling and swelling disappear.

* Excellent results are given by such folkmeans: Pour fresh enameled bucket, green needles, small Christmas trees or pine twigs, bumps. Pour all the water, boil with a boiler. Then close the lid tightly, wrap up a bucket with infusion of a warm blanket, let it brew for 12 hours.

* Then strain the infusion through a colander or gauze,add his bath with water. And the water should not be too hot. Take such a bath for at least 20 minutes. During the procedure, relax, try to warm up properly. Applying such baths at least 2-3 times a week, the inflammation of the joint will soon pass. By the way, this bath with needles is useful for the treatment of any joints, and not just ulnar ones.

But be careful! Folk remedies, as well as medicines, can have a number of contraindications. Therefore, do not forget to consult with your doctor, whether you can use them. Be healthy!