Swelling of tonsils how to treat

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, boththe rule is associated with inflammation of the glands. Glands, refer to semi-rudimentary organs, the true functions of which are not yet known. Nevertheless, tonsils cause a lot of anxiety, because they are the first to get infected from a virus infection or hypothermia.

In order to treat tonsils is not necessaryuse medication, especially when it comes to children. With proper and consistent therapy, recovery occurs within a week. In case the inflamed tonsils have been started, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia are possible. Methods of treatment are sufficient. Their main regular use in the complex.

The first remedy is decoctions. When inflammation is very useful to drink a lot of liquid, so broths from herbs with honey and raspberry jam, will be more than appropriate. You can buy everything you need at the pharmacy. Brew herbs better on a water bath, but you can and just like tea. Suitable camomile, mother-stepmother, sage, mint, in addition, you can steal the dog rose. Give the patient about two liters a day. These drinks will reduce sore throat and relieve edema.

The second remedy is inhalation. Inhalation is a good way to warm up the entire nasopharynx, and to secure non-inflamed parts of the larynx. For children, the temperature of inhalation should be much lower than for adults. Do inhalation better from menthol, eucalyptus, calendula and St. John's wort.

The third remedy, which will help treat glands,that rinse. This is one of the most effective methods, the problem is that not all children can gargle, so the method is not applicable to everyone. Gargle is followed by weak antiseptics, herbal infusions and specially developed tinctures. A simple recipe for rinsing. Take a glass of warm water, add three drops of iodine, a spoonful of soda and carefully beat. Now you can gargle. Also for rinsing, herbal decoctions from the first item of the program will work.

The fourth tool provides for the use ofWarmer. As a heater, it is best to use bags with salt. Heat the bag and lay it on the throat in the places where the glands pass, this will allow them to warm them up.

In general, the treatment of glands, provides heat,peace and plenty of drinking. An additional means is a scarf or a warm scarf around his neck. Also, do not hesitate to use the mustard plasters, soar your feet, or use other warming procedures. The main thing is a complex approach to the task, it will help to get the expected effect, without the use of chemicals.