Ears are swollen in the adult

Pain in the ear is the most common causetreatment of people to the ENT doctor. As a rule, pain in the ear appears due to the inflammatory process, which contributes to edema of the structures that are in the ear. Among the inflammatory processes of the ear the most frequent are: myringitis (inflammation of the tympanic membrane), external otitis and otitis media of the middle ear.

The most common earache in adults is due to the following diseases:

  • Acute otitis media - an inflammatory disease of the middleear. Usually it is of several kinds, which are divided into subspecies. Such a complex classification is required due to the fact that the ear has a complex structure that allows for the development of both external and secondary and internal otitis media.
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  • Otitis externa is a disease that occursThe reason for getting a boil in the ear canal. The disease covers the auricle along with the passage itself, as a result of which purulent inflammation develops. The disease can occur because of low immunity or micro-injury to the skin of the ear. Acute external limited otitis occurs when a furuncle appears in the ear. When acute form, there are discharge with a sharp odor, which have a yellow, brown color. Acute external diffuse otitis - inflammation of the skin of the auditory canal. This form is much heavier than the previous one. With it, excretions can be not only from the outside, but also spread inwards. The disease is accompanied by severe itching.
  • Otitis media is the most common form of otitis media. There are several subspecies. The first is acute otitis media. The cause of this disease lies in the infection of the respiratory tract. With this type of ailment, an adult develops a stuffy in the ear, a discomfort that intensifies for a short period of time. The second subspecies is chronic otitis media, which is a consequence of the first subspecies. This kind does not cause as much pain as the first form. In the second subspecies of the disease, the hearing worsens gradually, and purulent discharge does not appear immediately. The third subtype is acute purulent otitis media. It can cause the occurrence of meningitis, since pus spreads inside the skull. The fourth subtype is acute catarrhal otitis media. In this disease, the otitis covers the auditory tube, the mastoid process. Disease, as a rule, arises because of wrong blowing through both nostrils.
  • If you do not treat previous diseases,pain in the ear in an adult can occur due to a disease called "labyrinthite" (internal otitis). With this disease, a person appears dizzy, which is not observed in other forms.
  • Another disease that can occur inAdult person with pain in the ear - mastoiditis. It is an inflammation of the mastoid process, which is located on the temporal bone. Most often, mastoiditis is a complication after the otitis of the middle ear.
  • Lymphadenitis (enlarged lymph nodes located behind the auricle). This disease occurs in an adult person when he has an infectious disease.
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    Independently to cope with a pain in an ear it is very complex or difficult (to consult, instead of to remove signs), therefore it is necessary to address always to an ENT to the doctor.