Eyelids have swelled drastically what to do

A slight swelling of the eyelids after a sleepless night ortears - the phenomenon is quite normal, but if the eyes swell so much that looking at the world is through narrow slits - then this is a serious reason for a visit to a doctor. Do not expect the disappearance of edema after lunch, a month or two, since the causes of this phenomenon can be very serious.

Traditionally it is believed that the eye area reflectsthe state of the kidneys and the work of the cardiovascular system, so the pathology of these organs should be brought to the fore. Characteristic signs of pyelonephritis, nephrosis and other morphological diseases of the kidneys are morning swelling of the eyelids, which go to dinner, cardiovascular disorders, on the contrary, lead to edema in the evening. In addition, a strong puffiness of the eyelids can be observed in the following cases:

  • Quincke edema or allergic edema, in whichform significant swelling, and the eyes are almost impossible to open. In this case, only antihistamines can help, and the patient should pay attention to his diet and the appearance in his life of new things that could trigger an attack of allergy.
  • Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormones, in which substitution therapy is prescribed. Select a course and appoint treatment can only endocrinologist.
  • Trichinosis is a serious parasitic disease,the syndrome of which combines the puffiness of the eyelids with the dysfunction of the salivary glands, a severe headache. Trichinosis is difficult to treat, therefore, for its prevention, it is recommended not to eat poorly fried meat and products obtained from wild animals.
  • Congestive edema occurs as a result of a disordercirculation of blood in the vessels of the eye's orbit. As a rule, this kind of puffiness of the eyelids is persistent and may not disappear for months. In addition, swollen, convoluted vessels are clearly visible in the skin.
  • Inflammatory swelling of the eyelids can alsohold for a considerable period of time. It is caused by diseases of the eyes - phlegmon of the lacrimal sac, blepharitis, barley and others. A characteristic sign that the cause of edema was inflammation, consider redness and a rise in skin temperature in the area of ​​edema.
  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome. During this period in the female body there are complex hormonal changes, the water-salt balance changes, which may serve as a reason for the swelling of the eyelids.
  • Low-calorie, defective diets, in whichthe body receives a small amount of protein and minerals - the osmotic pressure in cells and vessels is disturbed, in view of which the liquid can escape into the subcutaneous fat in rather large volumes. The eyelids always react first, so the diet will have to be suspended.

Do not also lose sight of such causes of a violation of the balance of fluid in the body, like alcohol. Perhaps, you will not surprise anybody with narrow slits in the middle of an edema after a party.

Measures to combat swelling and treatment

If the puffiness of the eyelids appears quite often,or does not go away at all, then you should definitely contact a specialist. Remove edema with panophthalmitis or trichinosis does not work without medical intervention. As symptomatic agents used diuretics, electrophoresis, lotions with hypertonic solutions on the eye area.

If the swelling of the eyelids appeared after turbulentlibations on the eve or a few days before the critical days, it is hardly worthwhile to sound the alarm. It is enough to take advantage of folk remedies - aloe juice, lotions soaked in salt water or the remnants of green tea. By the way, the latter is a fairly powerful diuretic, so it will be useful to take a cup of hot drink inside.