The scars are swollen

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A dream about them indicates your position in the personallife. To see thighs slender, beautiful, smooth - a sign of respect, reciprocity in love, devotion. Such a dream also predicts a successful marriage. Wounds, cuts, abscesses, burns on thighs see in a dream - a sign of failures, feelings, loneliness, personal disorder. See the interpretation: legs.

To see your thighs in a dream is healthy means joy and happiness, for the traveler - good luck in the enterprises and a happy journey.

If you dream that your thighs are swollen, cut or torn, it will lead to the loss of the spouse, to some misfortune with her or the illness of the best friends.

The dream in which you have cut yourself, inappropriately handling the blade, portends a disease. Deal yourself with a sharp cut sharpened knife - will fall into dependence on a cruel person.

Cutting in a dream glass while bathing means that you will become a victim of malicious slander.

A strong cut from which blood gushes, a sign of irreparable loss, a minor cut-lose the trust of your lover.

Scissors - Extraction, good catch, harvest.