Swollen eyelids after sleep

Have you ever happened to see yourself in the morning?mirror, see there instead of a familiar charming face, a strange swollen face in the folds, reminiscent of the face of a pug or bulldog? We try not to notice these symptoms, considering them, rather, an annoying accident, which usually quite soon passes. However, often the presence of swelling after sleep indicates serious illness, so it is best when they often appear all the same consult with a doctor.

It is better to thoroughly check your health, go through all the necessary examinations, so that sleep is calm, and awakening - enjoyable.

Often, swelling after sleep under the eyes occurs inpeople with heart or kidney disease. However, sometimes they appear as a result of the fact that before sleeping a person uses an excessively large amount of liquid. Remember, a few hours before bedtime, you should not drink much.

As a simple and effective toolagainst this unpleasant phenomenon, you can use cold tea bags. Put them on your eyelids and hold for a few minutes, then apply a light cream. You can also use the so-called "ice masks", that is, packets of gel. You can buy them in pharmacies.

Try to eat right and sleep well. Believe me, in this case your reflection will please you only!

How? Have you ever been in a conscious dream? Well, it's you in vain ...

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