Shoulders swelled

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THERNER SYNDROME - honey. Turner's syndrome is a chromosomal disease, monosomy of the short arm of the X chromosome. Clinical picture • Small growth (98%) • Gonadal dysgenesis (95%) • Lymphatic edema of the hands (70%) • Wide chest (75%) • Nipple hypoplasia (78%) and ... Handbook of Diseases

Elbow joint - I Elbow joint (articulatio cubiti) complexintermittent articulation of the humerus with the elbow and radius bones of the forearm. L.S. unites the brachial, metacarpal and proximal radiophila joints. which are concluded in the joint joint ... ... Medical Encyclopedia

HUMAN ANATOMY - a science that studies the structure of the body, individualorgans, tissues and their relationships in the body. All living things are characterized by four signs: growth, metabolism, irritability and the ability to reproduce themselves. The totality of these characteristics ... ... Encyclopedia of Collier

Lymphatic system - (systema lymphaticum) system of lymphaticcapillaries, small and large lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes located along their course, providing, together with the veins, the drainage of organs, i.e. absorption from water tissues, colloid solutions ... ... Medical Encyclopedia

System of the superior vena cava - The system of the superior vena cava forms vessels,collecting blood from the head, neck, upper limb, the walls and organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The uppermost vena cava (v. Cava superior) (Figures 210, 211, 215, 233, 234) is located in the anterior ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

Lymph nodes of the upper limb - In the upper limb are located axillary(nodi lymphatici axillares) (Figure 240) and ulnar lymph nodes (nodi lymphatici cubitales). Both groups are subdivided into superficial and deep lymph nodes. The medial surface ... ... Atlas of human anatomy

Neck - I Neck (collum) Part of the body, top borderwhich is a line running along the lower edge of the lower jaw, the lower edge of the external auditory canal, the apex of the mastoid process, the superior ostium line and the external occipital projection; lower ... ... Medical Encyclopedia

NEWBORN - A NEWBORN, a child for two threeweeks from birth. At this time, it adapts to the extrauterine life, the umbilical cord, which served as the link between him and the mother, disappears and heals, and the consequences of birth trauma are equalized .... ... The Great Medical Encyclopedia

NECK - Fig. 1. Cross section of the back of the neck of the horse at the middle of the atlas level. Fig. 1. Cross section of the back of the neck of the horse at the level of the middle of the atlas: 1 ?? leather; 2 ?? fat pad; 3 ?? superficial fascia; 4 ?? aponeurosis ... ... Veterinary Encyclopedic Dictionary