Why the eyelids swell and itch

Calamity Orakul (69302) 6 years ago

Anoint hydrocortisone ophthalmic ointment and drink ketotifen

Evelina Master (2113) 6 years ago

Check for demodicosis (demodex - mite, damaging, including the eyelids). I advise at night to make lotions for ever from broth tansy (antiparasitic, firming)

Mhlu Orakul (59298) 6 years ago

Mustard famous for all food productit appears to have a pronounced curative effect. In this article, I will only consider its local effects as an antiscabolic and antidiarrheal agent. For this, you can use both mustard baths and mustard applications. The problem of the treatment of demodicosis all over the world is very acute. It is believed that about 80-100% of the world's population suffers from demodicosis. The use of mustard allows already within a month to get rid of demodex on the face, and as a consequence of demodicosis, acne. In addition, it is good to use mustard and with scabies. Mustard, given its availability as a food product, combined with a pronounced powerful antiparasitic action, can be widely used in the recovery of the population from skin parasites of scabies and demodex and a number of other species that parasitize skin and skin.
Method of application of mustard applications.
Mustard prepared according to usual technologyis applied to the affected parts of the body for 5-8 minutes. The pronounced irritating action of mustard on the skin, which lasts about a minute, should be tolerated. When treating demodectic eyes, mustard is also applied safely and for ever. The action of mustard can already be noted the next morning, when rubbing the eyes with your fingers. Between the fingers, a large amount of demodex is felt rolling. Mustard applications are applied the day before the complete absence of roll-over demodex between the fingers. More often it takes about a month, because there is a constant seeding of demodex eggs from surrounding objects (bed, soft furniture, carpets, clothing, etc.). A large and varied number of parasites occur in the nasal passages. An unbearable itching in the ears is also associated with a skin mite. It should be noted about the need to apply mustard and hair on the head, since it is there that there are often large lesions of the skin with demodex.

Mustard baths.
The effect is somewhat inferior, but it has a powerful effect on all skin integuments, including the scalp.
To take a bath is used hot, butcomfortable water. The concentration of mustard should correspond to the transparency of the water at which the contours of the hand placed water were not visible already at a depth of five centimeters. At the time of taking a bath, you must immerse the scalp and face in the water. The mustard bath is taken two days and until the skin is completely cleansed. The duration of taking a bath for well-being starts from ten minutes. After leaving the bath, the body does not rinse and does not wipe off. Mustard can be used by own cooking and shop canteen, locally produced, without various additives. The total amount of mustard per bath is about 250 grams. It is better, of course, to use the mustard of its preparation aged for 20-24 hours

A source: Doctor, more than 25 years of successful massage practice.