At night, the upper eyelids swell

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Hello! At my daughter, age of 1,5 months, within several days after a night dream the left upper eyelid swells. A couple of hours after awakening, everything dissolves itself. Perhaps a slight swelling still remains, but only on the mobile age (I can not say, it's possible that it seems, from one angle it seemed to be swollen, from the other, like everything is normal). In the remaining episodes of sleep, except for the nocturnal eyelid does not swell, perhaps because only at night she sleeps in the crib and the rest of the time in my arms (refuses to sleep in the crib). At night she sleeps on her stomach, her head is turned to the left. No discharge from the eye, redness, etc. Is not observed, the child does not show any concern. Tell me please, what is it can be and what can be caused, and what to do about it? Thank you.

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Hello! The situation is very similar to the case when there is an abnormal structure of the vessels of the century. With this position of the body in a dream, the blood in the veins of the century stagnates overnight, and there is swelling. To confirm the diagnosis, you need to make an MRI with contrasting vessels. The pictures will show a vascular anomaly, if there is one.