Swollen joints of the foot

I use it as the main medicationteraflex, and during exacerbations I drink teraflex Advance. Advance, in addition to chondroitin and glucosamine (teraflex), also contains ibuprofen. Teraflex reduces the stiffness of movements, increases the mobility of joints, reduces the development of pain, chondroitin and glucosamine participate in the production of structural elements of cartilaginous tissue and stimulate its recovery. Helps really well and effectively, let the courses of admission and long

Agree. I can not, however, describe it in detail as Deripa, but it helps the joints - that's for sure. At me, the truth, problems were not with stop, and with a knee (that is surprising - only with one, I do not know, why), and so I have spent on drink a course - and it became normal, to crackle has ceased. Well, apparently, as Deripa writes, the mobility of the joint has increased.

Hello! To me 24 years and at me joints on arms or hand start to hurt ... hurt and swell up, painfully to bend and an insignificant reddening of the joint ... What is it such? and is not it rather early in my 24 ...? Overweight has never suffered, but my mother (56) is the same ...

First you need to decide what kind of illness. X-ray the joints of the hand on both hands, donate blood for rheumatoid and rheumatoid factor.
If the pain increases in the evening, and in the morninggetting better, then most likely this is a manifestation of osteoarthritis. If the pains are disturbed in the mornings, and during the day less, then there is a suspicion of autoimmune joint disease.
It happens that the inflammation of the joints is provoked by some kind of infection, for example mycoplasma or ureaplasma. In this case, the course of antibiotic therapy can lead to a complete cure.
If this is an osteoarthritis, the joints can now periodically get sick.
Osteoarthritis is getting younger every year and even more often there are cases of disease even in adolescents. Therefore, it is not necessary to be surprised.
You need to be more precise with the diagnosis and treat your disease.
Sincerely, Sergey Alekseevich Filimonov.

Hello!Since the fall of last year, temporary redness on the skin began, and now it comes to that there are reddened cones and are very sore, but after a short time they pass-as if nothing is wrong. Doctors say an allergy, but blood tests did not indicate anything, so and I'm waiting for a child, so I'm afraid.