Swollen knees and above

Hypertension measures pressure five times a day

"I did not pay attention to the pressure until I fell down with a heart attack," says 68-year-old Vasily Kopitsa from the village Chernobay in the Cherkasy region. "It was late summer." I went into the office, it became hot. My heart ached, my left arm, it stabbed under my shoulder blade. He suffocated, as with asthma.

The man suffered a heart attack 15 years ago.

- Slowly got out of the office and the driverdrove home. My wife found the pill because of pressure. To bring down the heat, washed his neck, his head, poured cold water on his waist. But without an ambulance, it did not. Doctors measured the pressure - 200 to 110. The heart began to malfunction. He was treated in Cherkassy for two months and another month in a sanatorium. At home several weeks went to injections, - Vasily Gavriilovich recalls.

The man went to work. Three years later he suffered a second heart attack.

"It's all my job." In the late 1980s, he was appointed head of the district education department. He had 80 schools and kindergartens. I went to work at seven in the morning and worked until late at night. I had to go out on weekends. At home everyone insisted: quit that job or go to an easier one. But while it does not hurt, you think that it will not happen again, - waving his hand. - The second time I got it when I came home from work. I already knew what medicines to drink before the arrival of doctors. They gave the second group of disability. I did not finish my pension until my retirement two years.

Vasily Kopitsa measures the pressure every morning and before bedtime. Once a year passes a course of treatment.

- After the first heart attack, he refused alcohol. Not a gram, not even a non-alcoholic beer. Less fluid. This is a trifle, - shows barely swollen feet. - Sometimes, swollen to the knees and above. You will press a finger - there is a hole. As if the skin is just cracking. I started on a diet. But sometimes the body requires a piece of herring, and bacon and garlic.

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease in the world, says the head of the hypertensive department of the Cherkassy Regional Cardiology Center 62-year-old Vladimir Kazmiruk .

- It can progress for years. Someone hurts in the back of the head, makes noises in the ears, and feels sick. And someone does not know that the pressure goes off, until a stroke or heart attack occurs. Vasiliy Kopitsa's pressure jumped more than once, but he did not feel this, because he did not measure it. And my heart was working at the limit.

The doctor advises to maintain the upper pressure at a level below 139, and the lower one - 90. After 140/90 people are considered hypertensive.

- It is often thought that the upper indicator affects health more. 15 percent of people measure it only. This is a mistake, - says Vladimir Ivanovich.

If there is a deviation in the indicators, it is advisable to keep a diary and measure pressure at least five times a day.

- It is important to know at what time the increase is going on,to find the medicine, - explains Vladimir Ivanovich. - It is necessary to be examined. The cause may be osteochondrosis. Blood circulation in the arteries that go to the brain deteriorates. A person already has high blood pressure in the morning. And he did an easy exercise - and everything is normal.

In the early stages, it advises to lose weight, not to dosalize food, eat less meat, more foods with potassium and magnesium.

- The thicker the waist, the shorter the age. No wonder they say: eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend, and give the dinner to the enemy. Do drink a glass of yogurt or milk. Stop drinking and smoking, give up coffee. Walk, swim, ride a bike, ski. A moderate work in the garden or in the garden is useful. Do not let fatigue and exhaustion, - says Vladimir Kazmirok.

40 percent of people on Earth - have hypertension. With age, the number of patients increases. Achieves 70% among those who are more than 60 years old. Hypertension develops six times more often in complete, who abuse alcohol, fatty and salty foods. Doctors recommend regularly measuring the pressure after 30 years, if the family has hypertension.

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