Allergy swells around your lips

Hello, I recently had my upper lip stronglyswelled up .. I thought that the mosquito bitten, showed my mother, she said you may have an allergy to something. I thought for a long time, but I never had any allergies, only when I was very young, lay in the hospital because of allergies (I do not remember from what). So, the day passed, it seemed to have passed, but on the next day it was swollen again, but now the lower lip (ie, in general, no itch, red did not become). I just felt that the lips are becoming bigger, and it felt like after a stab in the dentistry)) to the doctor went, so many questions were asked and all the answers I answered that I do not have any allergies, no and no. I wrote tablets (an act of angina by 3 times and 5 pcs. to drink, fexet and a couple more nyxes done) I drink and drink like 2-3 nothing was and yesterday came out when I was in a cafe with a friend and drank a cocktail, it did not happen right away, I managed to reach the house. And I thought maybe it's because I eat from other places? but it's stupid. before that I sat a thousand cafes (in general, I'm going to spend a weekend in another city and there to the doctor .. I was on the lower later on the sides again the upper one ((something like that would have been done with you, what they did, how they were treated, now my whole upper lip is big ((Thanks in advance.)

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lips swell with colds.
At me swell up if I bite ((the habit foolish.
And even with allergies, my face immediately swells up. I drink antiviral and from allergies right away

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At me such happens from an allergy on someFood. I do not fly, I just try not to eat these foods. In my childhood, the allergist made special tests for me, so I clearly know that I can not, although sometimes I can not resist and try, then I sit with swollen lips and red eyes at home. For the same reason, I always treat my teeth without anesthesia, because on dental anesthetics, my lips also swell.

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oh and I once had a winter lip for neither with nor withThis is how it was swollen, it really feels like an anesthetic injected. But it was winter, and I think that I just blew it, because I'm a fan of chatting in the wind) More, fortunately, this did not happen again

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