How to relieve swelling with a hangover

Certain changes in appearance canoccur after drinking a very small amount of alcohol, when even the symptoms of a hangover do not appear. Most often, it is swelling and redness of the skin. But there is no clear pattern in this.

Some people get swollen after drinking binge not at all, and some, on the contrary, even after one glass of wine, this problem arises.

One of the reasons why after a bingethe accumulation in the body of excess fluid, is a salty snack. But there are a number of other factors that explain why the face swells and it is impossible to remove swelling with simple recipes.

Causes of edema after alcohol use

Puffiness indicates that there have been failures inthe work of the body. In particular, this concerns the excretory system and the processes of blood supply. This may indicate that the body is dehydrated as a result of the negative effects of ethyl alcohol.

Not the least role in this is played by the absencebalance in the work of all organ systems, which occurs due to severe intoxication. This inclination of the human body to accumulate excess fluid under the influence of alcohol completely prohibits drinking to people who have any tumors.

In view of the above reasons, there is noa single way, how to quickly remove the swelling and how to remove redness from the face, which can manifest due to the presence of these factors. Local treatment will be ineffective at all or give an insignificant result. In order to restore a normal, human-like appearance, you need to eliminate the causes that cause the fluid to accumulate.

If a person has swollen legs after alcohol, inparticular foot, it is worth immediately contacting a doctor. First, to remove the swelling of this kind is almost impossible. Secondly, it is a sign of cardiac and vascular disorders that can be caused by diseases such as hypertension or alcoholic cardiomyopathy.

How can I get rid of edema?

The only way to remove facial puffinesscompletely, is to consult a doctor who, after conducting the examination, will identify the cause of the delay of a large amount of fluid in the body and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Another mandatory step is to completely stop the use of alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes puffiness subsides after the symptoms of a hangover pass, if it was.

With regard to general recommendations, compliance withwhich will help if not to remove swelling, then minimize them - the main one is the regular use of a sufficient amount of water. You can drink broths of herbs that have a diuretic effect:

This tea also removes the hangover symptoms.

Another way to remove puffiness from your face,using herbs, are compresses. To do this, you need to wipe one cotton disc in a warm herbal decoction, and the second - in a cool. They need to be alternately applied locally to the swelling. If you are concerned about how to remove swelling under the eyes during a hangover, for this purpose this method will also be effective.

There is a folk method, how to remove a tumor fromface after drinking with potatoes. This vegetable in its raw form should be rubbed on a large grater, drained of all the juice, spread thickly over the gauze and applied to the face for 15-20 minutes. After this mask is removed from the face, the swelling decreases.

On the market there are medicines,which remove excess fluid from the body and thus relieve swelling. Most often they are prescribed after injuries or surgeries, but for a swollen face after drinking they will be effective. You can take them only after consulting a doctor.

Therefore, the express method of how to remove swellinga person after drinking alcohol, as well as get rid of a hangover, does not exist. Some recipes only help to partially remove liquids and reduce the degree of puffiness.

ATTENTION! The information published in the article is for informational purposes only and is not an instruction for use. Be sure to consult with your doctor!