Edema after biorevitalization what to do

Procedures for biorevitalization and mesotherapy are oftenconfused. During the biorevitalization, biologically active substances are injected under the skin in the form of a gel to stimulate the renewal of the dermis cells. In mesotherapy, various vitamin cocktails serve as such substances.

After this procedure, it is important to ensure proper skin care after. Most people notice the effect almost immediately. The skin becomes more hydrated and elastic, its color and relief improves.

Even the most expensive cream or peeling procedure can not give such a result. To make procedures for biorevitalization or mesotherapy is necessary only taking into account indications and contraindications.

The course of biorevitalization, as well asmesotherapy, involves the introduction of active substances into tissues. Especially good effect from the correct combination of peeling and biorevitalization. The latter fixes the result after peeling.

The consequences of biorevitalization are most often positive, if conducted from an experienced cosmetologist. These include:

  • rejuvenating effect;
  • complete elimination or discoloration of pigment spots;
  • neutralization of the feeling of tightness.

However, there are also negative moments that are temporary, if the proper care of the person is ensured:

  • small injections of bruises, edema, microhematomas occur at the injection sites;
  • blushing or redness of the skin (as after chemical peeling);
  • the injection site of the first couple of days look like pimples.

Bruises and swelling should not scare you, after a few days they pass.
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Biorevitalization is, of course, not surgicalOperation, but the integrity of the skin covers. The spots from the injections heal every other day, and the papules after biorevitalization take place after 3 days. After the procedure, skin care will not be a problem.

  1. Within 24 hours to observe the rules of hygiene, but do not wash with water, do not make up and less often touch the face.
  2. The first 2 days to apply on the skin has an antiseptic cream.
  3. Bruises and swelling help to eliminate the cream with arnica.

After biorevitalization or mesotherapy is not possible:

  • Go to the gym and sauna for a couple of days.
  • Go to the solarium for about a week and a half.
  • To be in the sun 4-5 days.
  • Do skin care, such as peeling or plastic surgery, at least a week (the procedure for peeling is best done before biorevitalization).
  • Use untried cream.

Most clients of past proceduresbiorevitalization and mesotherapy, following the recommendations, the results are welcome. There may be swelling under the eyes, minor complications (bruises, wounds in the jabs), but they pass for a couple of days. Side effects occur in 1% of cases most often because of the unprofessionalism of the cosmetologist.

Among them may be:

  • Necrosis as a reaction to biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid (also occurs after peeling).
  • Allergy in case of improper selection of the drug.
  • Lymphostasis - a violation of the outflow of lymph (not excluded after mesotherapy).
  • Ischemia - a violation of blood circulation in the tissues next to the clamped gel vascular-nervous beams.
  • Unpredictable reaction of the organism in connection with the intake of potent drugs or because of individual intolerance of the components.

To prevent complications you need:

1. Carefully consider the choice of a qualified cosmetologist.
2. To be a conscientious patient:

  • if there is biorevitalization or mesotherapy, before and after it is better to limit the intake of alcohol;
  • In time to inform the expert about individual features of an organism and reception of medicines;
  • follow the doctor's recommendations after the procedure, because care is important;
  • do not try to do the procedure at home.

Do not neglect your health. It is very important who and what will do the procedure. Professional clinics use only high-quality preparations for biorevitalization, mesotherapy, and for peeling, contour plasty, etc.
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What to do in case of complications?

Bruises and edema seem trivial, if later2-3 weeks, despite the proper care of the skin, you will see irregularities under it. This means the gel has got to the surface layer. Need advice from a cosmetologist regarding the use of a special drug. It is introduced into the superficially located gel and resolves it without affecting the gel introduced more deeply.

Occurred in the correction of nasolacrimal fissures andwrinkles in the area between the eyebrows ischemia, lymphostasis, bruises, severe pain can only be removed by an experienced doctor. In order to reduce the pressure of the injected gel, he will prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy and tell how to provide care afterwards.

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