How to remove lymphatic edema

If after yesterday's party you began to look less attractive - do not worry: you can remove swelling from your face with home remedies.

Using the tips outlined in this article, you will be able to:

  • improve your health;
  • remove swelling from the face;
  • to activate the lymphatic system;
  • to release the body from toxins.

Seven steps for beauty and well-being

1. To "start" the work of the lymphatic system, perform a simple and effective exercise: put your hand on the diaphragm area, push hard and make 10 -20 slow breaths. It is important to strongly strain the abdominal wall, lifting it upwards when inhaling, and when exhaling, on the contrary, maximally pull it into itself.

2. Hot drink will help "wash" the body from the inside, further activating the excretion of metabolic products.

Tea and coffee to drink is not desirable, but a couple of cups withhot water, drunk in small sips, help the body get rid of toxins. If desired, you can add a slice of lemon or a finely chopped apple, a spoonful of honey.

3. Now in the shower! Be sure to wash your head. Well massage hands or water jet the back surface of the neck, chest, underarm area. It is useful to change the temperature of the water from cool to warmer, but not allowing sharp changes in temperature. Everything should be nice and comfortable.

4. It will help to remove swelling from the face mask from ground coffee: apply it directly in the shower. Go to sleep coffee, and you can take a teaspoon of ground coffee beforehand: add a little bit of boiling water, cool and lightly massage the massage on the face.

5. While the coffee mask on the face - spend a special lymphodrainage massage of the body.

For lymphatic drainage body massage you will need a washcloth and a massage glove.

  • Start a lymphatic drainage massage of the body from the back of the neck, rubbing it from the back of the neck to the shoulders.
  • Then massage the skin under the lower jaw: here the movements should be more gentle - rub the skin until light redness. Pay special attention to this zone: lymph nodes are concentrated in it - by massaging we strengthen the outflow of lymph that helps to remove swelling from the face more quickly.
  • Stretch your neck in a circular motion, without touching the thyroid gland, gradually descending to the clavicles.
  • Grab your collarbones with your fingers and perform pinching movements for 1 minute.
  • After this, rub the breast with smooth movements from the sternum to the armpits for 1 minute from each side.
  • If you have time - massage your entire body with a massage washcloth, paying special attention to the feet and palms where the reflexogenic zones are located.
  • When you have finished lymphodrainage massage of the body, rinse the coffee mask with a shower, sending a stream of cool water to your face.
  • Wipe off gently, but forcefully press the towel to your face - it is important not to shift the skin at the same time.

6. In most cases, after all the procedures there is a feeling of vivacity, the face becomes fresh, the swelling passes. But if this did not happen, put a wet towel in the freezer cool in the freezer before leaving it for 5-7 minutes.

7. The final chord will be applying the caregiver. active cream or serum. The main thing, remember, that the agent for the eyelids is applied not too close to the ciliated margin, so as not to provoke excessive irritation and swelling of the eyelids.

The causes of the appearance of edema are many, and if they are not associated with chronic diseases, and the consequence of drinking alcohol or overeating acute, salty foods - safely use my recommendations!

You can easily remove swelling from your face, improve your health and joyfully join a new day!

Your cosmetics-aesthetic © Marina Tverdokhlebova

How to remove swelling from the face

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