Swelling at the feet of the cause

If you began to notice that by the end of the working dayYour legs swell and increase in size, and this phenomenon is repeated regularly, then you should urgently understand the causes that caused these unpleasant consequences. The phenomenon of puffiness of the feet is quite often found in many people, most often it appears in women. In the opinion of many, this is only a cosmetic problem, the cause of which is the consumption of a large amount of liquid.

Causes of swelling of the feet. Why swollen feet

The causes of the appearance of edema of the feet are, often, fatigue of the feet, heat. a bad habit of throwing a leg over one's leg, etc.

Stasis of lymph, kidney problems, varicose veinsexpansion of veins, flat feet, improper metabolism, causing the appearance of puffiness - more serious problems. The first anxious disease is most often the swelling of the main ankle legs. Swelling of the ankles of the legs occurs in older people and speaks of acute heart failure and its consequences for the body. Swelling of the legs has an adverse effect on the functioning of the vascular system, contributes to the work of the heart with a much greater load. Young people swelling of the feet appears due to problems with the blood vessels. It is the problems with the vessels that are more characteristic causes of swelling of the legs. Edema associated with vascular insufficiency (with a decrease in the tone of the veins), often accompanied by muscle cramps below the knees, a sense of heaviness and pain in the legs.

The main causes of swelling of the feet

  • Incorrect and incongruously matched shoes. All shoes should be as spacious as possible, do not have a compressive effect for the legs, and the fingers should be located in a natural position.
  • Swelling of the legs may occur if there are kidneyspathologies. It extends, most often, to both lower limbs and affects, as a rule, the back of the foot. As a result, eyelid swelling may appear, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • With varicose veins edema on the legs occurslowly and gradually, first unobtrusively. Finding a person in a prolonged upright position increases swelling on the legs and is especially acute in the evening. In the morning, swelling often disappears. Most often, the swelling of the legs is combined with trophic disorders of the human body. As a rule, edema on the legs is not symmetrical, but only on one leg.
  • Diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver play an importantrole in developing endocrine changes. They contribute to the retention of small sodium ions in the tissues of the human body, which in turn, as a consequence, leads to fluid retention.
  • Disorders of the hormonal system of the body - the decisive cause of the appearance of edema in the case of glandular disease of the internal secretion of a person.

To tell about the existence of varicose veinsveins may be the presence of hereditary factors, noticeable dilated capillaries or veins on the legs, accompanying swelling with heaviness in the legs. The correct decision, in any case, is not an independent statement of the diagnosis, but a search for the cause of edema with the help of a doctor. In this case, do not harm additional consultations with the therapist, cardiologist, phlebologist.

When an orthopedic problem is detected swelling of the feet. It is necessary to pay special attention tothe correct selection of shoes. Shoes with high heels or shoes without it will not do. The best option for edema is comfortable shoes with an insignificant heel, which ensures the natural position of the toes.

Great help in solving the problem swelling of the feet. due to varicose veins, can have a dailyUse of special compression therapeutic golf or tights. They provide a vascular tone, prevent stagnation of blood, contribute to its better outflow. Their structure provides the strongest compression at the bottom of the foot and the minimum - in the upper part, which provides natural circulation of blood. Wearing medical stockings, with the presence of edema of the legs is extremely undesirable, because of the tightening of the blood vessels of the thighs and thereby creating additional problems for blood circulation.

Folk Remedies for Foot Swelling

Removing excess liquid from the body is effectively promoted by decoctions of herbs and plants. A wonderful remedy in this case is the infusion of berries and elderberry bark. If there are varicose knots on the legs, a tangible effect will be made by applying steamed elder leaves in it.

A well-known diuretic is also a decoction of birch buds and leaves, lime-colored, horsetail.

Relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet will help wipe them with ice slices or a foot bath. Legs are wiped or dropped into the bath for 5-15 minutes, then lightly pinched massaged from the bottom up. It will be possible to enhance the positive effect of these procedures by adding sea or table salt to water (30 g per liter) or 50-100 g of pine extract.

Help also with fatigue, swelling and varicosity contrasting trays. The legs alternately descend into the cold and then into the hot water for a few seconds. A good effect in this case is the addition of salt and herbal medicines to the water, as well as foot massage after the procedure.

To remove puffiness of legs or foots the garlic. Garlic crushed, insists on boiling water. Cooked from garlic porridge, rubbed swollen places for half an hour, then washed with cool water.

It must also be remembered that with varicose veinsthe expansion of veins is extremely undesirable taking a hot shower or bath. The high temperature of the water contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and provokes stagnation of blood.

Therapeutic exercises and preparations for leg swelling

Prevent foot swelling will help regular performance of a complex of simple exercises :

  • put the left foot on the right and lift the toe of the right foot as high as possible, then left;
  • stand on your toes for a few seconds;
  • move the weight of the body from the inside of the foot to the outside and vice versa, from the heels to the toe;
  • make a few easy jumps on the socks;
  • in a sitting position on a chair, raise your legs and make circular motions with your feet;
  • Toes bend and sharply unbend.

Helps fight with leg edema the use of medications. special medicinal ointments - essaven gel,heparin ointment, troxevasin, lyoton, etc. The heparin and rutin included in their composition contribute to the strengthening of the capillary system. A good effect is also ointments based on horse chestnut.

Author: Zagudaylova Galina
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