Causes of neck swelling

Causes of edema of the neck with inflammation of the lymph nodes can be different. But do not delay the diagnosis and treatment of this serious disease.

If the neck is swollen, this may indicatepresence of a non-infectious disease of the respiratory system, oral cavity. Also, lymph nodes become inflamed with a decrease in immunity, prolonged starvation, loss of blood, burns, injuries. The cause may be an independent disease - lymphogranulomatosis, which has an oncological nature.

Often, swelling is accompanied by other symptoms -increased tempature, headache, weakness. When probing, the lymph nodes resemble painful balls. Self-treatment, especially heating, grinding, iodine mesh here can do much harm.

It is impossible to exclude the presence of other diseases,if you have swollen neck. For example, diphtheria is characterized by inflammation of the nasopharynx and mouth. Tonsils are enlarged, their convex surface is covered with white-gray films. The patient should be isolated to prevent the spread of the infection.

Quincke Edema is an acute allergica disease in which the skin, mucous membranes, subcutaneous fatty tissue swell. Often develops on the neck, face, upper part of the trough. As the factors can act as allergens (food, dust, pollen, drugs), and physical factors (bright sunlight, cold, etc.).

Swelling of the neck can also occur withthyroid disease. The causes are radiation, deficiency or excessive iodine content in food. The examination may include a blood test, ultrasound, biopsy, computed tomography, radiography.